How to SharePoint: The Interface for an Easier Web Management

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How to SharePoint: The Interface for an Easier Web Management

With the advent of science and technology, everything seems to be in easy grasp. In the professional world, when there is a need for collaboration, SharePoint is the ultimate savior enabling the professionals to set up web sites for a host of activities like sharing information, managing documents, publishing reports and much more. Launched in 2001 by Microsoft, the SharePoint is an application in web content management and document management systems. The invention of the SharePoint allows the efficient management of various intranet portals, extra-nets, websites, social networking tools, business intelligence tooling and much more. Having various definitions associated with it like a software platform, online organizational tool, content management system with integrated search functionality and much more, this web application is capable of supporting many organizations on a single server.

A much in demand part of Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Standard Suite and Office 365, SharePoint is a tool helping an organization to manage its data, applications and information in a convenient way, never thought before. The SharePoint intranet portal is the perfect method to enhance employee engagement, centralize process management, decreasing the costs involved in new staff training and much more. This web portal is also used to store and track electronic documents or images along with paper documentation. To know how to use SharePoint for project managements and creating a home page, you can watch a very useful video at

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Another major advantage of SharePoint 2010 is the benefit of central location for storing documents, resulting in reduction of emails and duplicated work in an organization. Organizations can also enjoy the advantage of incorporating third parties into supply chains or business processes by not sharing confidential information with the help of password protected, web facing access to people not directly linked with the organization. SharePoint is characterized by the unique feature called Publishing which enables the management of larger public websites. Some other advanced features of SharePoint are the ability to integrate with SQL Server Reporting Services, ability to surface CRUD+ Query Operations, a customized design model, a Simple Object Access Protocol and more.

The various capabilities of SharePoint are classified into Sites, Composites, Insights, Communities, Content and Search. The Sites poses as a single infrastructure for all business websites aiding in sharing projects with partners and publish information to customers. ‘Composites’ is another capability which responds to immediate business needs. ‘Insights’, on the other hand, helps in easy accessibility to databases, reports and business applications. ‘Communities’ is the ideal platform to share ideas and work together on a project. SharePoint is all about Content Management where the users enjoy the benefits of automatic content sorting, retention policies and document types. Last but not the least comes the Search option, which is the perfect tool to find the correct information for getting a work done.

SharePoint is the ideal tool to help an organization achieve the much needed business growth by concentrating on various factors like changing business needs, sharing of ideas, getting in touch with the proper business contacts and much more. The solutions offered by the SharePoint are not only easy to use but are cost effective and help the companies to integrate internet, extranet and intranet sites on a single platform.

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