5 Top Programming Languages

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5 Top Programming Languages

A programming language is a set of grammatical rules, as well as a vocabulary for instructing a computer or computing device to perform specific tasks.

High-level languages, such as BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, Java, FORTRAN, Ada, and Pascal, are commonly referred to as programming languages.

How Does Programming Language Work?

Each programming language has its own set of keywords (words it recognizes) and syntax for organizing program instructions.

A program written in a specific programming language is made up of two parts: instructions written in that language and statements written in a separate language known as machine code.

Each digit represents either an instruction or data within the program in machine code, which is a binary format consisting of ones and zeros (1 and 0).

When a programmer enters a command into their computer’s terminal, the instructions are sent to the processor, which converts them into machine code so that they can be executed.

It then translates any information generated by those commands into something humans can understand—typically English. When a user enters text into a search engine like Google, it converts the query into machine code before sending it to its servers.

It then uses machine code to process all of the search algorithm’s results before translating them back into human-readable form.

High-Level Programming Languages

While simple in comparison to human languages, high-level programming languages are more complex than the languages that computers actually understand, known as machine languages.

Each CPU type has its own distinct machine language. Assembly languages are found between machine languages and high-level languages.

Assembly languages are similar to machine languages in that they allow a programmer to substitute names for numbers, but they are much easier to program in. Machine languages are made up entirely of numbers.

Fourth-generation languages (abbreviated 4GL) are those that exist above high-level languages. 4GLs are far removed from machine languages and represent the computer language class most closely related to human languages. Whatever language is used, the program must eventually be converted into machine language so that it can be understood by the computer.

There are two approaches to this:

1) Run the program.

2) Explain the program.

Common Programming Languages

Because no programming language is inherently superior, it is best to select one that fits a programmer’s project’s use case.

The following are the 5 most popular programming languages:


JavaScript is a simple programming language that can be used in web browsers. It is a scripting language that can be used on both the client side (web-based) and the server side (web servers).

It allows websites to store and use data, access components of pages, update the contents of those components, run functions when events occur on a website, make pages more interactive, and so on.

Furthermore, it is supported by all major browsers, allowing it to reach virtually any user across multiple platforms (Windows PCs, Macs, Linux computers).

In short, JavaScript is widely regarded as one of the most important programming languages in today’s web development world.


Guido van Rossum developed Python in 1991. It is an interpreted language, which means it does not require compilation before use.

Python supports multiple programming paradigms (imperative, object-oriented, etc.), exception handling (try/except/finally), dynamic typing (dynamic type checking), a very small runtime environment with fewer dependencies than other languages, full Unicode support, and much more.


Java is a programming language as well as a computing platform. Java allows programmers to create apps for phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches.

Many of its commands are similar because it is based on C/C++ syntax. Whereas C/C++ allows developers to write low-level code for system programming, Java was created for high-level application development.

James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, Chris Warth, Ed Frank, and Patrick Naughton founded it in June 1991. However, after several name changes, it was first released by Sun Microsystems in 1996. (Oak, Green, and Java from Java coffee).


Microsoft created and maintains TypeScript, an open-source object-oriented language. This JavaScript superset extends JavaScript by adding types, classes, and modules, allowing developers to write applications for any browser or platform without additional compilation. It is used in large-scale web applications as well as popular libraries like AngularJS.

Furthermore, because TypeScript is based on ECMAScript 6th Edition (ES6), it is highly compatible with the majority of other JavaScript codebases.


C# (C Sharp) is a Microsoft-developed object-oriented programming language that is part of the.NET initiative. Strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines are all covered by the language, which is a hybrid of C and C++.

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Sana Ghani is currently working as a content writer. She is hardworking and looks forward to providing the best quality content for her clients.