Advantages of using ActionScript 3.0 for eLearning

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Advantages of using ActionScript 3.0 for eLearning

When it comes to eLearning, Adobe Flash Professional is one of the widely used tools. ActionScript developers can very successfully use the programming language, built-in the program, to code interactions, program animations and communicate with various servers. ActionScript 3.0 is the latest release and proves to be a better version then previous 2.0 and 2.0 versions.

Using latest 3.0 version of ActionScript over previous releases carries various advantages including new, improved and much easier debugging and troubleshooting functionality. This essentially means stricter and vigilant error checks that have been introduced in the 3.0 version, pays off, as you can browse freely and use the program safely. Features such as breakpoints are added which are built over the Eclipse platform and make use of Flash/ Flex builder to provide users with advance debugging features.

There is also an improved better structure which is more subject oriented (organized code) and includes various specialties like packages, event model and runtime typing. AS 3.0 also have many new APIs and frameworks that can take advantage of all the new capabilities introduced in the Flash Player by Adobe Incorporation.

For example, the sound APIs of AS 3.0 will be able to inform you of the volume level of all the audio playing in the Flash Player. This API will be also able to generate and produce sound dynamically. There is also 3D support available using which the developers can transform 2D Flash objects into 3D space and play with different angles and maths. Thus, creating cool and interactive animations is now possible!

There is also better XML rendering available; text layout framework has been introduced and this means that bidirectional and vertical texts are also supported. Furthermore, there is Squiggly which acts as a spell check engine, Open Source Media Framework which is a video media player, backward compatibility (meaning files created on previous versions are easily compatible with AS 3.0), access to byte level data (giving developers access to binary data which they can be effectively used to render any file in the Flash Player) and desktop publishing. AS 3.0 is a much better performer than its previous versions (around ten times faster).

However, there may be issues as some common eLearning tools are not yet supported by AS 3.0. Let us see when Adobe takes an initiative to embed customized eLearning tools to the repertoire of ActionScript and make it more useful than ever.

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