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The Accessibility checker in the Microsoft Word 2016 version provides an opportunity to an enhance reader experience. This new feature allows the document creator the opportunity to evaluate if the information provided in the document will be easy or difficult to understand by every reader. The information in your document will be inspected, providing 3 potential [...]

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Microsoft Excel 2016 – 6 New Chart types

Microsoft Excel 2016 has 6 new charts that are easy to create and gives you the opportunity to do much more to analyze your business data in different scenarios. Waterfall Histogram Pareto Box and Whisker Tree Map Sunburst

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3 simple steps for a secured network (WiFi)

So, you called the internet company and said ‘’Hey, I need internet, but I am going to install it myself.’’  You paid the bill, bought a router, you have all the cables plugged in, and you set up your basic password. Your all set, right? …… Wrong. Although you have done the basics, did a [...]

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Top Cell Phone Specs

                   Have you ever bought a phone and wondered, ‘’Is this really the phone I need?’’  Or simply, ''What is the top cell phone on the market.''Typically, when someone goes to purchase a cell phone, they usually ask that question. I am here to make that decision much easier for you.   And the only [...]

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Windows 10: Five Reasons to Use Windows 10

HTML is so Kool Have you taken the time to upgrade your PC from Windows 8 to the new Windows 10? If not, then now is the time to make the change, as there have been a plethora of long awaited changes that have made the Micr In fact, some might say that Windows 10 was [...]

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Windows Media Player: Impressive Features of Windows Media Player

Human beings have always surrounded themselves by music. Our ancient ancestors used wooden and stone “drums” and hollow sticks to produce a very primitive, but yet so desirable sounds. With the time musical instruments were developed from simplest to most complicated masterpieces. Along with instruments, the very perception of music has changed too. Nowadays it’s easy [...]

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