Cloud Computing: Brief Introduction to Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing: Brief Introduction to Cloud Computing

Technology is making things easier with every passing day. The better part of this is that, technology is also evolving as the time goes on. Computers are perhaps one of the most celebrated conquests of technology so far and that which can be used at a mass scale and for mass benefit. Be it for personal or corporate use, computers have evolved from desktops to laptops to palmtops . . . and then comes the age of the internet! The internet commenced its journey by first being a method of exchanging data between a group of scientists and now it stands as the best source of information for anything and everything under the sun and that which can be accessed by all who live on earth (maybe even beyond).

Computing has seen so much change over a few decades time that it can baffle the wits out of anyone who is into studying the evolution of technology. At present, the conventional method of computing, which is itself quite advanced, is witnessing another step to evolution. This next step to superior computing is known to the world as “Cloud Computing“. This is a very nascent concept altogether and is still under the process of being perfected in every possible way. Many people are also unaware of the concept altogether. Cloud computing can be defined as a service that provides essential resources of computing (shared resources, software, other information) to the user as a utility product.

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To explain this, many proponents have used the example of an “Electricity Grid”. People require electricity to run almost every essential thing in their household. For this each and every person does not purchase a generator that is suitable to meet their requirement. What they do instead is use the services of the general electricity providers who transport the same to their houses, and people can use it as per their needs, without worrying about the resource running out. Cloud computing is more or less, the same. People at present are storing necessities as software or hardware in the system that they use. Such resources can be limited and may run out when purchased as product. Cloud computing offers the same as service (like the electric grid) which people can use as and when per their requirement without the fear of depletion.

Cloud computing facilities are usually acquired through a cloud computing service provider like Microsoft. They may charge a nominal fee depending upon the kind of services the users are looking for. As of now, cloud computing is seen to reduce costs for firms and organizations. The user of cloud computing services will not have to be bothered about installing the required resources in the systems that they are using. Therefore, maintenance is very easy. However, being new, cloud computing has enough scope of improvement and also bears the possibility of addition of many other useful computing features as well. is an elearning company with training on products like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Visual Basic, Java, SQL Server, Internet Marketing, SEO and many more topics on IT training and computer learning.


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