Cloud Computing – Concepts and Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing – Concepts and Benefits of Cloud Computing

When it comes to speaking about reaching heights in technological advancements, cloud computing cannot remain far behind. Although it is comparatively new and is still in the process of development, the very concept has attracted all the attention from the present digital world as is possible. Limitless possibilities is something that can be associated with cloud computing. When put into very simple words, this idea of computing refers to computing as a service and not a product is it is today. In this case, every thing that we see as a ‘product’ in the computer, be it software, storage space, information etc, will be available as ‘utility’ instead.

This is an example of remarkable innovation in the field of computing, where the user will be able to concentrate more on the task at hand than the set up and other physical aspects of computing. Many have explained this concept by referring it to ‘electricity grid’ and it has also been very useful to make the concept clear to everyone. While all of us use electricity for almost everything, none of us really have to be bothered about where or, how it is produced and also, how it is reaching the area of use. Same can be said about cloud computing.

If you have to avail cloud computing services, all that you are required to do is to contact the cloud computing service providers who will deliver the same over the internet and can be accessed through web browsers. The next question that will inevitably arise is about the cost that the user will have to bear. Now, if one is accessing a certain kind of service, a price for the same will also have to be paid. It has been estimated that the cost of cloud computing is rather reasonable especially when used by companies in a large scale.

Minimized cost is only one of the many benefits that cloud computing has to offer. Besides preventing additional expenses for an organization or, personal user, cloud computing offers the benefit of endless storage facility. This is because, being a service and not a product, one has the choice to use ‘as much as needed’ and not ‘as much as the purchased product can store’. This can be a boon to large organizations that have too much to store. Mobility of information is another advantage that cloud computing brings with it. Employees of an organization can access their data from almost any where in the world which counters the limitation of being restricted to the desk when accessing office information is in question.

With all the benefits that the concept of cloud computing can be credited with, there is one aspect that it still needs to develop on and this aspect refers to security of data. This is not to say that cloud computing is not secure. It is just that there is enough scope for the service providers to breach into the data of the organizations at will. As the concept is still in a nascent form, there is enough scope for developing security in the same.

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