Convert Your PowerPoint Presentations into a Video

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Convert Your PowerPoint Presentations into a Video

You have several MS PowerPoint 2013 presentations containing great information about your company, solutions and services. You are at a critical point in your business where you are defining growth strategy. You want to maintain the current client base by keeping them updated, and attract new potential clients. So, why do you have all those awesome presentations stored on your disk, where no one can learn about your business? Well, it is time to put them online, and MS PowerPoint 2013 has a new feature that can help you do that with ease!

Today, clients and business associates are using a variety mediums to get access to the information they need to get expert advice, make an informed business decision or enhance overall productivity. The good news is that you can create one awesome presentation with MS PowerPoint 2013, and present it in three different format sizes depending upon your audience preference. Consider a:

  • Small format for portable devices.  Just make sure the font is large so it easy to read.
  • Medium format great for the web or burning it on a DVD.
  • Large format for computer monitors, projectors and high-definition displays.

After you create a video of your presentation, you can email it, add it to your web page or burn it to a DVD. In order to enhance the interest level and flow of the presentation, consider including narrations, topic specific automation and specific timings in the presentation design. The MS PowerPoint 2013 video will include these features, as well as, keep any animation, media or transitions you have integrated.

MS PowerPoint 2013 Presentation into a Video Setup Steps

The Create a Video feature is in the Export option of your MS PowerPoint 2013 file. It works simply by selecting the size of the video, specifying if timing and narrations are included in the presentation, and allocating the amount of time spent on each slide. Try these steps:

  1. Open the presentation
  2. Click File on the presentation
  3. Click Export
  4. On the Export menu, Click Create a Video
  5. Select the device format (size) for the presentation
  6. Click option if narrations and timings are in the presentation
  7. Enter the number of seconds to be spent on each page
  8. Click Create Video
  9. Save the video
  10. Double click to view the video

MS PowerPoint 2013 Presentation into a Video Format

MS PowerPoint 2013 will create an MPEG 4 formatted video to save to your disk. You can load this video on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, then Twitter it to your colleagues, clients and friends.

More to Learn in Video Tutorial

Wow, it is just that simple! Learn more about this and other new MS PowerPoint 2013 Features when you Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation into a Video the Microsoft Office 2013 Tutorial Video – MS PowerPoint 2013 from Learning Computer.

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