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Create a MS PowerPoint 2013 Multi-Media Presentation

Your MS PowerPoint 2013 presentation has been very well designed.  As you review the content, you realize that there is more information you need or want to add, but is in video format. The information in found in this format will bring clarity to the some of the slides. Last but not least, there are some excellent images you want in include, but they are online. With more exploration, you will discover the features to create a multi-media presentation integrating the different media formats in MS PowerPoint 2013.

Inserting a Video in MS PowerPoint 2013 

There is a very informative applicable video that will emphasize a key point in your presentation. Then include this live video in your presentation.

  1. Click the Insert option of your presentation
  2. Locate the video feature toward the end of the Insert tools to your right
  3. Load the video from your Sky Drive or directly from your computer video library

MS PowerPoint 2013 Video Format and Playback Feature Highlights

With the video loaded in the presentation, you have multiple format and playback options. Try some of these cool features:

Video Format

  • – The video will load into the full size of the slide. Select the crop feature or adjust the height and width to alter the size of the video.
  • – Depending upon the presentation style, you may want to change the shape or enhance the overall style of the video:
    • – Change the shape with the Video Shape option
    • – Add a Border around the video
    • – Select Video Effects such as shadow or bevel
  • – Even better, select one of the Video Styles, in the subtle, moderate or intense categories.

Playback Options

  • – There is a certain part of the video you want seen in the presentation. No problem. Remove parts on the front and back of the video using the Trim Video option.
  • – If you are at a trade show, you can repeatedly replay the video with the Loop Until Stop option or have it automatically rewind so it will be ready to replay when you are with the Rewind After Playing option.

Adding Audio to a MS PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

We all know how sound can impact the intensity or emotion of a movie. Music or the tone of a person’s voice can make the difference. Now, think of how audio can impact your presentation.

  1. Click Audio on the presentation then one of the options:
    • – Online Audio allows you to search and insert audio from online – there are many options
    • – Audio From My PC allows you to select from your computer
    • – When you select the audio, a sound image Add Audio to MS PowerPoint 2013will appear on the slide

The best way to add voice a slide show is to use the option Record a Slide Show option in the Slide Show feature of MS PowerPoint 2013.

Inserting Online Pictures in MS PowerPoint 2013 

Inserting Online Pictures is in the Images option of the Insert section of the MS PowerPoint 2013 presentation file. Once you select this feature, you can select a picture from:

  • – Office, Bing or your Sky Drive
  • – Facebook or Flickr

Once the picture is in the presentation, rework the picture to your preference with the MS PowerPoint 2013 features.

More to Learn in Video Tutorial

Hopefully, these tips will help you start creating a multi-media presentation with MS PowerPoint 2013. As you will see in the Microsoft Office 2013 Tutorial Video – MS PowerPoint 2013 from Learning Computer, the setup is easy. Discover how to add audio and recordings your MS PowerPoint presentation, and other new MS PowerPoint 2013 features when youInsert Video and Audio in MS PowerPoint 2013 the entire tutorial.

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