Q. How do I sign up for one of your online tutorials?

A. You can sign up emailing  info@learningcomputer.com. The fee for 1 on 1   instruction is $30 an hour and the first hour is Free! We also provide computer learning via CD, DVD or online download.

Q. Do I need to have a computer to sign up for a lesson?

A. No you do not need a computer. We can use one of our computers, however it is to your advantage to learn the material on your own computer.

Q. Are there any certain times that you offer the classes?

A. We can work with your schedule. However most of the tutorials and online computer learning classes are offered on the weekends or evenings.

Q. Where can I go if I did not find what I was looking for?

A. We are sorry that you were not able to find help at our site. Please use Google search below to find what you were looking for.

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