How Can Server Virtualization Help Your Business

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How Can Server Virtualization Help Your Business

The term virtualization gets thrown around quite a bit in the business and computer world, as it applies to a range of elements beyond just a computer. These items include operating systems, storage devices, applications and networks, but at the most basic element; it is server virtualization that is being used.

Most IT companies are constantly dealing with space restriction, thus needing more and more servers. However, by using software that simulates the existence of hardware and creates a virtual computer on can gain more space and thus be more productive. This approach works well for many businesses, regardless of their size.

According to VMware, 80% or more workloads will be virtualized by 2016; however, the small and mid-size businesses have not yet reached that level. In business of these sizes, only 53% of applications are virtualized, with 32% having only virtualized 40% or less of the workload. It is predicted that by 2020, virtualization will make up 98% if the budget spent on IT elements such as cloud computing, mobility and big data.

So, what is it about server virtualization that is making so popular? Here are 5 advantages associated with using virtualization in your business.

  1. Lower Costs – Using virtualization means that companies don’t need expensive equipment and numerous in-house IT professionals. In fact, swapping to a virtualized approach has been shown to minimize IT cost by as much as 70%. Virtual servers are quite affordable and you can save additional money because it is not required that one purchase hardware outright. The servers are owned and maintained by the third party, so you only need to pay for server virtualization services.
  2. Minimize Your Carbon Footprint – Because you are using fewer pieces of machinery, you can keep your energy bill lower, and conversely improve your company’s eco-friendly status.
  3. Consolidation – As alluded to above, having multiple servers takes up space. Server virtualization enables you to consolidate things to one single server, thus making organization of file easier and more efficient.
  4. The Cloud – Perhaps one the best benefits of server virtualization is The Cloud. With The Cloud, you can store files and then share them or access them as needed.
  5. Recovery – When it comes to business, perhaps one of the biggest and mostly costly things that can happen is the loss of data. Server virtualization means having access to the network in which there are constant snapshots being taken of our files. So, in the event that there is a system fail, you can easily access and fix the system from anywhere around the globe.

Server virtualization is truly the plan for the successful business. From its eco-friendly design to ease of use, you can’t go wrong with getting your business’ records, programs, servers, etc. set up. So, don’t get left behind, talk to a company that can provide you with server virtualization today.

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