How to add uniqueness to your website or blog?

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How to add uniqueness to your website or blog?

It is indeed a fact that there are over 900 million websites and blogs over internet! But even with such a large number of Websites, it is still difficult to find unique and classy Websites. Mostly, when people look upon Websites, they say “It seems similar to that one” and this line becomes a hammer and crashes the label of creativity. Therefore, in this post, I will give you some fine tips on how you can add uniqueness to your Website.

It is basically about the Website’s personality and your creativity. When it comes about creativity, all you have in your hand is color, text, visual language and nothing else. Thus, you have to play with the eggs in your nest. But how anyone can show his/her creativity with these things? Well, just keep reading on and you will find the answer.


The first thing that makes a Website look unique and creatively designed is its ambiance and feel. It is the atmosphere of the Website which leaves an unforgettable impact on the mind of visitors. To make a unique atmosphere, all you have are textures, colors, layout and the creative mind. You can give your Website a happy, serious or funny look, whatever, suits best to your business.


Don’t underestimate the value of a Website’s content. It is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of engaging the viewers. Mostly viewers don’t go through the whole Website as they don’t have ample time to read the whole story. So, all you need to catch their attention is to display the clincher at the top. After it, you can write about your business or whatever the purpose of Website is but do make sure that the content is simple and lucid.


From a layman’s perspective, what we saw on Websites are colors. Colors have their own importance and this importance is vital because of the fact that every color has its own interpretation. Therefore, choose the color wisely and design combinations according to the purpose that the Website serves. For example, if you are making a Website for kids, then lighter colors will do a lot better than darker ones.

Visual language:

Visual language is what we use to convey messages to the visitors within few seconds. A nice flash intro of few seconds is an awesome way to attract visitors but don’t forget that visitors don’t have much time to spend on your Website. Therefore, shorter visual language activities are recommended.

These were few tips that showed how you can add uniqueness to your Website and give it a classy look n feel. These tips are of elementary level; nevertheless, they matter a lot when it comes to creative and unique designs. Therefore, just consider them while making a new design and get aloof from the list of your competitors. Moreover, check out some useful information regarding this topic here at this link:

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