How to create a blog post in MS Word 2010

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How to create a blog post in MS Word 2010

Blogging has become an integral part of life for many people. People find it an easy and convenient way to share their experience and thoughts with others. It is an easy way to interact with others and to know what others think about different things. You can get opinions over a product or can debate on any political moves on these Blogs. It is indeed a platform or a virtual community that gathers those, who are interested in similar activities.

Many of us might be active members of some Blogs and might be posting on Blogs on daily basis. We all understand how irritating it becomes when one has completed the Blog post and just before posting it, the browser crashes or desktop gets restarted. This can be avoided if you start creating blog posts on MS Word 2010. I know you will be a bit surprised here, but its true and one can easily create a Blog post with the help of MS Word 2010. I am going to show you how you can create a Blog Post in just four simple steps.

Microsoft Office 2010 Suite because of its compactness always gives you an edge. You cannot only create a Blog post but can also post it to your Blog through Word 2010 and all this can be done with the help of a pre-designed template available in Word 2010. Here is a step by step guide to create your blog post.

  1. First of all, open MS Word 2010, click on Microsoft Office Button and then click on New. In the New Document window, you will find many pre-designed templates available. There, you will find a template “New Blog Post”. That’s the template we are going to work with, so click on it.
  2. As soon as you click on the New Blog Post template, a small window for New Blog Account will appear on the screen. Link up your Blog account on which you would like to post this Blog Post, or simply skip this step.
  3. Now when the template is loaded, then you are free to enter text as you do it in blogs while creating a Blog Post. You can enter Title separately, can change the typeface, color and size of the text, can create hyperlinks and can add categories as well.
  4. Just use the Insert Tab to add anything that a Blog usually contains. Once you are done with the writing process, give it a final touch and your Blog is ready for post.

Now, you can post it through MS Word 2010 or can copy paste it on the Blog but with auto-save option in MS Word 2010, I think it’s more convenient to write on Blog Posts of Word rather than writing it online.

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