How to do Mail Merging through Office Word 2007

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How to do Mail Merging through Office Word 2007

Mail Merge is typically used for generating letters, mailing labels, and personalized documents. They contain identical info except for the individual contact and address information. Mail merging can be made easy and simple using advanced tools that Microsoft Word 2007 offers its users. For mail merging, first preparation of a form letter is required. A form letter is a letter template where the text of the letter is the same but the details are changed, varying with each recipient. Thus, an Excel worksheet can be first used to create and prepare the data that needs to be added to every form letter.

The Excel sheet acts as the database and will contain field names for each type of information that needs to be added to the Word 2007 letter. The field names again will vary with the kind of form letter that is being produced and can contain name and address information. The cells across row 1 will be the ones where the user will be able to add their arbitrarily chosen field names into (A1, B1, C1 and so on). Then you can continue to add details in the adjacent cells. The size of columns, rows and cells can be adjusted according to the data that needs to be entered, either by dragging the columns and rows to increase the space or a ‘text wrap’ option can be used to adjust the cell size according to the data entered in it. Always remember to save the worksheet after entries are made.

Once the database is created and populated with desired entries, user can then proceed to Microsoft Word and begin the mail merging process. Following the procedure below will enable the process to run swiftly.

First, go to the ‘Mailings’ tab on the top ribbon and then to the ‘Start Mail Merge’ section and click on ‘Start Mail Merge’. A dialog box will emerge and a number of checkboxes will be needed to be selected according to the purpose of using mail merge.

Second step, is to go to starting document and selecting the recipients of the mail. The user will have to browse for their data and select the table containing their required data. The wizard allows the user to change the recipients of mail merge process.

As step three indicates, user needs to follow Mail Merger Wizard’s suggestions and proceed to writing their letter. As the letter is being constructed, the user will able to insert fields and data by selecting ‘More Items’ first and then moving on to the selection.

Once finished, letters can be previewed and then mail merging can be completed by selecting ‘Complete’ option. User now has two alternates available to them; either they can save and print these letters or they can save and email the letters drafted.

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