How to make index cards with MS Word 2010

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How to make index cards with MS Word 2010

Microsoft products are no less than a blessing for computer users. With countless software from Microsoft Incorporation, it becomes very easy to operate the small machine. The fact that compels you to buy Microsoft products is their user friendly atmosphere and nominal price. Microsoft Office 2010 Suite is the top selling product of Microsoft Incorporation and of course, it does not require any introduction, unless you reside out of this global village!

Recently, Microsoft launched another version of their Office Suite named, “MS Office 2010”. According to users, it is the best seller with improved functionality in almost all areas. Almost everyone who has an update on Microsoft’s products has shifted to MS Office 2010. It’s such an amazing fact that we all are using MS Office 2010, I really feel sorry to reveal that we are not utilizing it to its fullest potential.

MS Word is the most widely used tool in MS Office Suite and most users are not completely aware of what they can do with it. It has many features that are yet to be explored by novice users. Exploring and excelling them will make you an Office Pro, for sure. Therefore, it is high time to dive in this software and learn something new and unique.

Have you ever tried to make an Index Card on your own? Yes, it is true; you can make Index Cards with the help of MS Word 2010. All you require is a printer and some basic understanding of this miraculous tool.

First of all, to make an index card, you need to imagine a size. A conventional Index Card has measurements of 3 inches (height) by 5 inches (width). If this is the size you are looking for, then go to the Ribbon on top of the page and click Page Layout. By clicking on it, you will get some new options under the tab. Once those options are visible, click Size Button and it will pop up a new window on your screen. This is the Sizing window, through which you can easily choose the size of your page. Now click on the Paper tab and select the option Custom Size. Now enter the values you have decided for your Index Card and then click OK. Now your page layout is set according to the Index Card size.

Once you are done with this Page Setup, now you can fill up the content you want on the Index Card. In order to get maximum utilization of available space on Index Card, use Landscape option instead of Portrait in MS Word 2010. You can switch from Portrait to Landscape with the help of sizing window. When you are done and have filled your Index Card, then it’s time to print. For this, you need a printer and some papers cut accordingly. Make sure that your printer settings are in accordance with the Index Card size or else it will be difficult to take a proper printout.

I hope that this post would be beneficial for you as it has introduced you to some new basics of MS Word 2010. For some more worthy tips and detailed tutorials, just visit

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