How to make rulers visible in MS Word 2007

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How to make rulers visible in MS Word 2007

If you are currently using MS office 2007, then you might have also used MS office 2003. What makes MS Word 2007 difficult to understand in first instance are its advance features and ribbon layout. People who were fully conversant with Office suite 2003 faced difficulties while switching to Office 2003. Many people still prefer using the older versions of office suite.

MS Office 2007 is indeed a compact Office suite with advance features and extra functionality. Once you are well-versed with it, you can do unbelievable stuff. When it comes to using MS Word 2007, most of us get miffed. Although, the graphics section is highly advanced and improved, however, you will get stuck up with the basics.

The foremost thing that most users want to do in a new Word document is to format the page. For this, the conventional users of Word 2003 look at the top of the document for the ruler and format the page according to their needs, but where it in 2007? If this is what you are also looking for, then this blog post will certainly help you in finding the missing ruler bar.

This is how it looked in the MS Word 2003:



Now to get the ruler bar in Word 2007, just open a new document in MS Word 2007. After opening up a new document, have a look at the top right hand side. On the top of the Scroll bar, you will see the “VIEW RULER” option. Click on it and the rulers will be visible to you. This is where you can find it.


But what if the View Rulers Button is not there? There is no need to panic. Just follow these 3 easy steps and your View Rulers button will be on its place.

  1. First of all click on the Microsoft Office icon on the top left side of the MS Word 2007.
  2. There you will see an option ADVANCE, just click on it.
  3. Now in the dialogue box, go under the Display tab and check the option Show vertical ruler in Print Layout view.

By doing this, you will be able to see rulers every time you open MS Word 2007. But what if someone wants to view the rulers temporarily? This can also be done with a simple trick. Just take your mouse pointer on the top of the document and place it below the Toolbar Buttons (Where the usually the rulers appear). Thereafter 3-5 seconds, the rulers will appear automatically and will vanish when you are done with the page settings. A detailed tutorial can also be found here at the official website of Microsoft

This is where you should place the pointer for few seconds to see rulers temporarily.


These are some easy ways to get the ruler options. I hope that it will help you in learning about how to make rulers option visible in MS Word 2007.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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