How to remove background of a picture in PowerPoint 2013

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How to remove background of a picture in PowerPoint 2013

A combination of perfect tools and techniques can make your software act like a magician. Magical things can be performed with the help of small software tweaks. The recently launched Microsoft Office Suite 2013 is indeed an advance software pack with lots of concealed qualities which aren’t yet uncovered. Today, I am going to reveal one of those qualities of Microsoft Office Power Point that will help you in making powerful and efficacious presentations.

We cannot deny the fact that visuals have a long lasting impact on human’s mind and this is the reason why we use pictures, videos and animations in our presentations. A creative mind can create different moods with the help of visuals but even an artistic mind gets stuck when it comes about cropping the picture properly before embedding them into a presentation. Usually, we are not cool with editing software like Photoshop or NeatImage and that’s the reason why it becomes difficult to handle pictures.

So, now we are going to concentrate on how we can remove background of pictures in MS Power Point.

Of course, we all know what a background removal tool does. Many of you might have used this tool in Photoshop or any other editing software but you will be surprised to know that this tool is available in MS PowerPoint 2013, too. Now, to use this tool you simply have to click on the Remove Background button under Picture Tools Format tab. Once you click on it, it will show you the contextual tab of the Background Removal.

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Now when your screen is displaying the context tab, then you are just few steps away from removing the background of your picture. Now, MS PowerPoint is intelligent enough to make a guess that what should be removed as the background. If this is the case with your picture, simply click on keep changes and move on, but if this is not and your pictures is somewhat difficult to crop, then here are some quick steps that will help you to remove background.

  1. First of all, if the objects are not selected properly by PowerPoint 2013, you need to tighten up selection on the picture by your own. Press Ctrl+A, and when cropping points are visible, you can tighten it by pointer. This should make the Picture Tools visible on the Ribbon. Go ahead and select Remove Background which is the first option on the left.
  2. After tightening up the selection, it is not necessary that a square or rectangular box will always cover your picture properly. Therefore, to handle this situation, you have to draw lines over the unwanted area and click on the Mark Areas to Remove option in the contextual tab.
  3. Keep drawing the lines over the unwanted area till all the unwanted area becomes transparent. Now as a final step you have to select Delete Mark, so that you can remove the transparent background and the bounding box gets fixed tightly to the object.
  4. Select Keep Changes remove the selected background of your picture.

You can see how easy it is to remove the background of a picture through MS Power Point. You can also try out other amazing options like Artistic Effect, Blur Effect and many more, as this powerful tool of Microsoft introduces you to a whole new world of creativity. So be inquisitive and explore it as much as you can.

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