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File Menu lets you perform actions on documents like Open, Close, Save and Exit. If you want to open a new database, do the following

File New

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Click OK. It will give it a name like "db1.mdb". Go ahead Click on Create. You will get a new window that looks like this

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Click New and then select Design View. You will get another window that will let you add field information to the table.

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Right next to the Tables option, you will see Queries option. This is one of the most important features in Microsoft Access.
You use queries to view, change, and analyze data in different ways. You can also use them as the source of records for forms, reports, and data access pages

Lets create a new query. Do the following

Queries New Design View

Select Table 1 from Tables and click Add. You will get a window that looks similar to

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You can either grab one field at a time from the table onto the grid or click on * ( which adds all the fields ).  When you are finished adding fields for the query, you can run it by clicking on the exclamation mark  ! located on the toolbars on top. This will open up a data sheet view that looks like this

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If SQL is your thing, you can also write TRANSACT SQL or do what I do cheat from the SQL View which is one of the option under View.
You will get yet another new window that looks like this

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You can use forms for a variety of purposes.

Lets create a form on the table we just created. Click on Forms next to Queries.

New Form Wizard

You will get a new window

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A report is an effective way to present your data in a printed format. Because you have control over the size and appearance of everything on a report, you can display the information the way you want to see it.

Lets go ahead and create a report on the table we just created. Next to Forms should be Repots.

New Report Wizard

You will get a new window that is shown below

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