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Edit Menu lets you change the data in your workbook. These are the options for the Edit Menu


Lets you undo If you make a mistake during your work.


If you hit Undo by accident, this lets you redo that command


This lets you cut a section from the spreadsheet onto the clipboard


This lets you copy a section of the workbook on the clipboard

In this example, we will copy data from AK and AL columns to CA and CO columns. In order to copy a section, click on the first cell which would be B31 in this case. Click on the left button. While holding down the button, drag the cursor down and right to select the area enclosed by B31 - C43. Click on Edit and select Copy from the drop down menu.

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This lets you insert the section on the sheet from the clipboard

In order to copy the above section to the new columns, click on the first cell which in this case would be F31. Click on Edit and then select Paste from the drop down menu. The content of cells is successfully copied to the new location. In addition to using the Edit menu, you can also use the right button on the mouse as a short cut. When you do that you will get a popup menu with Cut, Copy and Paste options on it.

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Paste Special  

Lets you insert section in special cases


Lets you look up a string which can include text or numbers

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Lets you replace a value with a different value in the workbook

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Lets you look up sections like constants and formulas in your workbook