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When you click on File, you will see a drop down list of options. Lets run through these quickly. If you want to open or close files, try the following

New Use this to open a new workbook

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Open Use this to open an existing workbook

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Close Use this to close a workbook

A spread sheet looks something like this

A worksheet is composed of cells that are defined by the column and row position. For example, the value of B5 is Peacock and so on. Notice in the first worksheet, you can combine the contents of the first two columns by using an &" "&

If you want to save your file, use the following

Save This saves a workbook with a new name
Save As This saves an existing workbook

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Save As HTML This lets you save the workbook in HTML format for the internet
Save Workspace A workspace is a collection of workbooks and can hold many workbooks

The new window that opens for Save operation looks like this

If you want to print a workbook, these are the options

Page Setup Lets you choose the settings for a print job

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Print Area This lets you select an area from the workbook to print

Print Preview Lets you see what the printout will look like

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Print Lets you print the workbook to the printer

If you want to print a specific area of a worksheet, do the following

1    On the View menu, click Page Break Preview.
2    Select the area you want to print.
3    Right-click a cell within the selection, and then click Set Print Area on the shortcut menu.

If you want to look at the properties of the document, do the following

File Properties

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