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A view is a set of display and print settings you can name and apply to a workbook. You can create more than one view of the same workbook without saving each view separately. In Excel there are only two views compared to five in Word. Here are the choices


This is the default option for the view. As you enter data into the worksheet, you can stay in this view mode. The only thing you see in this view option are the columns and the rows that make up the worksheet.

Page Break View

This view splits the worksheet into printable areas. When you want to print part of the worksheet, you should use this view option

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Instead of more view options, there are more toolbars in Excel. In order to access these toolbars, you can do the following

View Toolbars

For example the drawing toolbar opens up new options towards the bottom of the worksheet

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In addition to the toolbars, there are two more options

View Formula Bar

This opens a new window where you can enter different formulas

View Status Bar

This opens a window in the bottom to show the status of the worksheet.

View Header and Footer

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View Zoom

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