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The insert menu is a quick way to add features like page number, date etc. to your document. If you click on the Insert, you will get a drop down menu with these options


This lets you insert things like page breaks, column breaks etc.

Page Number:

This lets you enter page numbers if you have a long document

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Date and time

Inserts current time and date in the word document

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A convenient feature that lets you add common salutations like Dear friend, Sincerely etc. in your document.


You can add field codes using this feature. If you want to add TOC or an outline feature, use this option


Lets you enter special characters in the document

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This one lets you add a common that is not visible in the word document


If you want to insert a picture or image this is the one to use. Look at the example below

This will open a new popup window with Microsoft Clipart Gallery. It looks like this

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You can insert a complete document in your current document using this option on the Insert Menu


This option lets you enter customized objects like calendars, charts and others in your document. When you click Insert Object, you get a new window with a list of object you can insert in the word document


This one lets you insert a bookmark in the document for fast retrieval later

Hyper link

If you want to insert a hyper link from the internet, you can do so by using this feature.

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