Presenting a PowerPoint Presentation Online to Remote Users

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Presenting a PowerPoint Presentation Online to Remote Users

You have a powerful MS PowerPoint 2013 presentation you need to share to a variety of remote users. Unfortunately, all your remote users, consisting of clients and business associates, are not MS Office 2013 users; and you need an effective and efficient way of getting your point conveyed without exceeding the travel cost. The other challenge is the cost of setting up a webinar or seminar is not in the budget. Well, have you looked at a new share feature in MS PowerPoint 2013? The cloud technology integrated in MS Office 2013 allows you to share your MS PowerPoint 2013 presentations to anyone, anywhere and the remote users do not need to have MS PowerPoint 2013 installed.

MS PowerPoint 2013 to Present Online Setup Steps

The Present Online feature is in the Share option of your MS PowerPoint 2013 file. It works simply by creating a link for you to share with people who you want to see the presentation. Afterwards, all the people who have access to the link can see the slide show while you are presenting online via their web browser.   Try these steps:

  1. Open your presentation
  2. Click File on the presentation
  3. Click Share
  4. On the Share menu, click Present Online
  5. MS Office will create a link for you to share with the users
  6. The created link can be:
    • – Copied to another source
    • – Sent to the users via email via MS Outlook
    • – Test the link by copying the URL to a browser
    • – Click Start Presentation

Just think about the time you will save by creating one highly impressive presentation that will be accessible to anyone, anywhere regardless of the office tools they have installed. Here are a few other perks:

  • – There is no setup required in MS PowerPoint 2013.
  • – You can enable remote users to download the presentation

MS PowerPoint 2013 to Presentation Download

When you use MS PowerPoint 2013 Present Online feature, you can give remote users the ability, after they access and see the presentation, to download it with these few steps:

  1. Click File on the presentation
  2. Click Save As to download the presentation

MS PowerPoint 2013 to Presentation Preparation Tasks

Remember, once you have your presentation ready, you must have a:

  1. Microsoft account to start the online presentation.
  2. Conference call number and password confirmed and sent to the remote users.

More to Learn in Tutorial Video

As you will see in the Microsoft Office 2013 Tutorial Video – MS PowerPoint 2013 from Learning Computer, the setup is easy. Discover how to present your MS PowerPoint presentation online, and other new MS PowerPoint 2013 features when you MS PowerPoint 2013 Video Tutorial the entire tutorial.

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