Samsung to Launch An Iconic Olympic Phone

//Samsung to Launch An Iconic Olympic Phone

Samsung to Launch An Iconic Olympic Phone

The Olympic Games 2012 is soon approaching, and the day isn’t far when the Olympic torch is carried around the city of London. The stage is almost set, the athletes are training hard, the viewers are waiting restlessly, and Samsung is set to launch an iconic Olympic phone! Yes, you heard it right!  Such a massive event only comes occasionally, and hence big brands try and make the most of it. This time around, Samsung has come up with a unique idea, in conjunction with Visa, to launch a special Olympic phone.

At this point of time, there is very little known about this Olympic phone, as Samsung has been tight lipped about this device. However for those of you eagerly waiting to find out more, we have put together a few things you can certainly expect from this exclusive phone.

•    With Visa’s involvement, there are high chances that the phone will come with (near field communication) NFC enabled, which will make the phone quite special. In other words, users will be able to make mobile payments with this mobile device, making it extremely convenient!

•    With Samsung’s recent trend of producing top-notch Android phones, it is quite likely that this ‘Olympic phone’ will also be an Android device. And unless Samsung comes out with a cheap device, in all probability this phone should run on one of the latest Android versions, making the phone quite capable and impressive.

•    There is also a lot of speculation that this phone will be based on an existing successful Samsung model. Even if that turns out to be the case, one should certainly expect the phone to be distinguished with a visible Olympic, and probably even a Visa branding.

•    In terms of pricing, one just gets the feeling that given the exclusivity of the device, and the speculation that it will be a high-end Android phone, the price too will be exclusive. However there has been no official word by Samsung yet, so only time will tell!

While the concept is unique, there is always a certain amount of uncertainty regarding the appeal of such occasion-related products. And especially in the case of a smart phone, where people will be stuck with a device with the Olympics branding much after the event is done and dusted with, it will be interesting to see how desirable the device turns out to be. But for now, the flame in Samsung’s torch continues to burn with expectations!

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