Splitting a single phone into two virtual phones no longer a dream!

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Splitting a single phone into two virtual phones no longer a dream!

It is quite common to find people carrying around two mobile phones – one provided by their office for business use, and one for personal use. And the primary reason behind this being the security concern organisations have and justifiably so.

There is no doubt that phones are no longer bulky devices that pull your pants down when placed in your pockets, but still anyone would surely prefer the convenience of one device, rather than having to manage two separate ones. If you fall into that category, you just might be delighted to hear that researchers have in fact come up with a smart solution that allows virtually splitting a single device into two phones. In other words, you can have only one mobile device, with half of it dedicated for business purposes, and the other half to do what you please as per your personal needs.

Researchers and experts have created this solution known as BizzTrust, specifically for Android powered phones. What they basically did was modify the original Android OS, and separated it into two parts, with their own separate place for data and applications. Hence the moment you store any data or application, the software is capable of identifying whether it belongs to the business category or the personal one. Once identified, it stores it securely in its respective partition.

Hence users no longer have to worry about adding data for their personal purposes, but which could be potentially dangerous for a business phone. To make things even more convenient, you can easily switch between the two partitions, with just two clicks! The two categories are also colour coded, making it easy for you to identify them.

For organisations skeptical about such a device, there is little reason to worry, as the software gives the organisation the flexibility to decide exactly what is cleared for business use, and even who has access to what. For added security, before each time the phone connects to the company network, the phone software is checked thoroughly, so if there are any changes or modifications, access can immediately be blocked. Additionally, the software has also taken into consideration that company IT rules and regulations can change from time to time. So each time there is a change, the software is capable of updating/deleting any application prior to giving the user access to the company network!

The software and concept is pretty much at its initial stages, hence one needs to be patient, as there is little doubt that this technology will be available very soon!

Aakshey Talwar
Technical Writer




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