The very cool social network add-on for Microsoft Outlook 2010

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The very cool social network add-on for Microsoft Outlook 2010

Seeing how social networks have become almost integral to everyone’s lives, Microsoft Outlook 2010 has looked to appeal to the masses by simply providing a social network add on in outlook, integrating the networks with your e-mail. This feature will allow you to view your various social network accounts within Outlook and access profile pictures and updates of those with whom you communicate via e-mail on Microsoft Outlook.

To install and use the Social Connector add on, simply follow the steps below:

  1. If you’re using Outlook 2010, the Social Connector will be pre-installed, if you’re using an older version, you will have to download the add on and install it.
  2. For every social network you will have to have a separate add on, the most popular networks compatible with the Social Connector currently are, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Windows Live Messenger.
  3. Once you download the individual add ons, when you first open Microsoft Outlook you will be shown a Social Network Accounts dialogue. Here you will be able to select the networks you want to enable on Outlook.
  4. You will be asked for your log in details to connect to your various accounts.
  5. Having established a successful connection with each of your desired social networks you can later manually change around the settings by clicking on the ‘View’ tab in the ribbon, followed by ‘Account settings’ under the ‘People pane’ button.
  6. The final step you need to undertake to activate your social network accounts on Outlook is that you allow third-party applications on each of your social network accounts. This should be allowed by default, but if not then you can change it by going to ‘Account’ and the ‘Application Settings’ on your social network accounts individually.

Through this add on, not only can you see updates and pictures of people who are on your friend list on independent social networks and a contact on Microsoft Outlook, you will also be given the chance to add others on your contact list who are not on your social network friend list. Details of your friends are automatically downloaded and made easily accessible to you. However, do remember that you can only view updates and pictures through outlook, it only acts as a medium to display the posts but does not allow you to comment, change or post on anything. That function remains possible only through the social network directly.

Aakshey Talwar
Technical Writer


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