Understanding Cloud Computing Service

//Understanding Cloud Computing Service

Understanding Cloud Computing Service

Cloud Computing Service is taking over the older and the existing traditional form/method of computing. The Cloud Computing concept is very new and has created a stir in the existing world of computer technology. If there is someone who still does not have a clear idea about what Cloud Computing Service really is, I would not be surprised. For those who are aware of what it is all about, there is still more they could learn . . . and those who do not have a clue about how it is different from the traditional forms of computing, let’s begin from scratch.

To begin with do not go by the name in the literal sense . . . ‘Cloud’ computing does not have much to do with weather phenomena!! Some of us may already be using Cloud Computing Service without even knowing that we are doing so! Web based e-mail services like Hotmail and Gmail can be placed as good examples of Cloud Computing. Almost every person around the globe has an e-mail account say, with g-mail etc. We tend to use it without even realizing that this can be something called ‘Cloud Computing Service’.

For the purpose of computing, we normally use many different computing requirements like shared resources, softwares and the like. These are usually stored in the computer in the form of products that are purchased and installed into the system. Take for instance, if you have to download music or, videos in your system, you will have to have the software that will enable you to do so. This software will have to be purchased from the providers with a set price and then installed into the system after which you can use it or, not use it at your own sweet will. These downloaded and installed softwares are therefore ‘products’ that are purchased from sellers of the same. In Cloud Computing Service though, you will not have to buy any such products. All that you will have to do is, call upon a service provider of Cloud Computing Service and hire the same from them. You can use as much as you want at your own will and leave the rest to the latter.

There are so many benefits of Cloud Computing. The most important among them is that, the user will not have to take the pain of buying the product permanently and then installing it in the system, which tends to take up money and space, respectively. You can use the required resources as much as you want, when you want and how you want. All you will have to do is contact the provider and avail the Cloud Computing services through some kind of network (which is usually the internet). This is very similar to usage of electricity where, the users do not have to bother about where the electricity is being produced and how it is reaching the house where it is needed, but the former can use electricity as and when he wants, and in the quantity that is necessary to him/her, and footing a justified bill for usage of the same. Another appreciated benefit of computing in the cloud is that, you will never have the fear of loosing data permanently. There will always be a back up to all your information in the remote server of the service provider.

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