Using XML Mapping tools in Microsoft Word

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Using XML Mapping tools in Microsoft Word

With needs and requirements that professionals put forward to programs like Microsoft office suite, which includes various applications such as Microsoft Word; it is constantly up to the workforce at such suite’s production houses’ workers, innovators and developers to keep things up and running, creating and developing new ways and methods of meeting these demands.

Undergoing various changes continuously, one of the recent developments in this area has been in the extensibility that Microsoft Word is looking to provide its users with following the introduction of the XML Mapping Task Pane. Microsoft Word already is widely used and in extensive amounts around the world and is often used by Word developers as well. These developers look into using the facilities of the Word program and create various rich, structured documents by using XML mapping along with content control. This is a widely used and extremely popular feature of the Word amongst the developers because this allows them to rapidly extract and display various kinds of data including businesses and technical data, with great ease within the word documents. Also for those of users who look for a quicker and easier way that enables them to set up a mapped content controls can now make use of the newly launched XML Mapping Task Pane.

This extra add-on allows the developers and other users to use the task pane in Word that is able to work with XML parts and map them to various kinds of content controls that are all within the document. This is also a user interface based feature; and can be used and utilized within Word without having to open XML manipulation or even resorting to any sort code. Once this add-on is installed, it will enable user to create a Mapping group on the developer’s tab which can be seen in added to the ribbon. XML Mapping task pane can be opened by clicking on the XML Mapping button. With the use of this task pane, user will be able to perform the necessary tasks that can enable them to set up a document that has mapped content controls. The task pane can also provide access using the UI functionality which can offer developers a quicker means of performing the functions. This add-on is not Microsoft supported but is highly useful and the source code is available for the interested users on CodePlex website for installation.

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