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This is menu is commonly used to manipulate the documents. In order to open a new document do this

File   New Page

Bitmap Image

Go ahead and click on OK

This will open a blank document in which you can start typing just like you would in any other word processor. Microsoft FrontPage has many pre-defined layouts and templates that let you create complicated web pages very easily. Lets say you wanted to created a page with frames. You can do the following to create a page with frames

File   New Page

Select Frames Pages

Select Header, Footer and Contents and select OK

This will look like this



If you want to open an existing document, you do the following

File Open

This will open a new dialog box that looks like this


If you want to save a document try the following

File Save

File Save As

You will see something like this.


In order to publish a document to the web, do the following

File Publish

Click on Publish it to you web folder.