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The Format Menu lets you change the appearance of the document itself and also contents of the document like text, pictures etc. As far as the text is concerned, the toolbar has a lot of these shortcuts that you can use directly. First I will discuss using the Format Menu option and then I will show you the shortcuts. So here we go

If you want to change the font properties of the text all you have to do is select the text first and then 

Format Font



The advantage of using this approach is that you can change all the attributes of the text in one place. However I prefer shortcuts and will use them wherever I can 

If you have the Formatting toolbar checked under View Menu, you will see something that looks like this

This is the fastest way to change the appearance of text in your document.

Font style:

In Microsoft Office applications, this is the drop down list box used to change the font type. 

In FrontPage however, instead of the font types, you will see a list of different format tags like Normal, Heading 1, Menu List etc.

The list looks something like this 

For example if you have the following text

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

and you want them to show in their respective heading size, select the appropriate text and select the respective heading size. After you make the changes the above text will look like this

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

Font  type:

This is the second drop down list on the Toolbar. As a default it says something like default font. Click on the drop down list box (size) to change the font type. I mostly use the Normal font for most purposes.

Font  size:

This is the last drop down list on the Toolbar. It lets you change the size of the font for your text. It looks like this

If you want to change the text to bold, italic or underline, just select the text and then click on the appropriate option

This lets you make the text bold for more visual effect

This makes the text italic to give it a different appeal

This make the text underline for more stress

You can use a combination of the above formats to give the text more visual effect



On the right side on the U button, you will see the orientation buttons. Lets discuss one of them at a time

Align Left

Aligns the selected text, numbers, or inline objects to the left with a ragged right edge.

Align Center

Centers the selected text, numbers, or inline objects.

Align Right

Aligns the selected text, numbers, or inline objects to the right with a ragged left edge.

In addition to the above format options, FrontPage lets you select styles and themes from a predefined list. A theme is a unified set of design elements and color schemes that you apply to pages to give them a consistent and attractive appearance. Using a theme is a quick and easy way to add interest to pages and give them a professional look. If you want to apply a theme, do the following

Format Theme

You will get a new popup window with a list of different themes. Select one and click OK. This will update the theme on all of your web pages for a consistent look.