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The Insert Menu lets you insert stuff into your web document. There are many different features under this Menu. We are going to cover just a handful so you get the idea. Lets say we want to enter a horizontal line after the first paragraph in the joins.htm document. You can do the following
Insert Horizontal Line

You can select a customized style for the line break which will give it a distinct look.



Notice the line appears after the first paragraph just before the table. If you just want a add space after the paragraph, you can insert a break which just adds a <BR> tag to the document. Next option under the Insert Menu is the Date and time which is self explanatory.

Insert Component

This menu option lets you insert many predefined options in the form of a drop-down list. One of the options in a Microsoft Office Spreadsheet which would look something like this



Another option is a popular feature on Web Pages. It is a Hit Counter which keeps track of all the visitors to your website. When you select this option you will get a new window that looks something like this



You can also insert form items like text boxes, list boxes, option boxes etc using the Insert Menu. Lets say you want to insert a check box with Submit and Reset buttons. You can do the following

Insert Form

Under the drop down list, select Check Box and you will get the following


[FrontPage Save Results Component]


You can also insert pictures in your document using the Insert Menu. If you want to insert a sample picture from the Clip Art Gallery, you can do the following

Insert Picture

Under the drop down list, select Clip Art and you will get the following



If you want to insert a hyperlink on you page, you can try the following

Insert Hyperlink



An easier way to do the above step is to type the following