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This menu is commonly used to perform functions like Spellings and change options for the Page, Website etc

Lets say you have been typing a new page and want to check the spellings in the document. You can do the following

Tools   Spelling

The spell checker in FrontPage is similar to the other Office Products like Word, Access etc. Just follow the instructions and update the words you want to change in the document.

If you have a lot of hyperlinks in your pages, there is a nice utility under the Tools Menu. It repairs all the hyperlinks in your web pages and updates the information so the links work properly. Here is what you do

Tools Recalculate Hyperlinks

This is what you get


If you want to customize the Toolbar Menu or the drop down menus like File, Edit, etc you can do so. Just select Customize under the Tools Menu

Tools  Customize


One can also change the options for your FrontPage application. You can change the options when the application starts up and also the types of files FrontPage will open. Here is what you do

Tools  Options