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The View Menu lets you look at the current document, folders, hyperlink and much more

The first thing I want to talk about is the Page View which is the default view in FrontPage. There are three different ways you can view pages in FrontPage. Normal view lets you see the document as you type it in. The following view is in Normal mode. Notice in the bottom left corner, Normal is highlighted.

View Page


If you want to see the same document in HTML format, all you have to do is Click the HTML tab next to Normal

This will look something like this


Yet another view option is the Preview tab. This lets you look at a web document as it would in a browser like Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. If you click on the Preview tab, you will see the document as follows



You will notice that this page looks very much like the one in Normal mode. However you will notice that there are squiggly lines in the Normal mode which remember is the edit mode and lets you change the content of the page. Preview shows you the same page as you will see it in a browser.

If you want to get a folder view in FrontPage that looks similar to Windows Explorer, you can do this

Views Folder

This will look something like this. Notice on the left side, you can see a hierarchal view of your website. In this example we are looking at the contents of SQL in the right side of the window.


If you want to view the Reports on your pages and website, you can use the following

View Reports

This one gives you many options in the form of a drop down list. Lets say we want to look at the Publish Status for our website

Under Reports we can choose Publish Status. We will get the following window



If you want to look at the hyperlinks schematics of your page, you can do the following

View Hyperlinks

And this will give you a different view like this



If you want a shortcut to all the views that we talked about, you can use another tool. Check this out. If you do this

View Views Bar

and Veiw Folder List

This will display a list of icons on the left side of the window. You can use these icons as short cuts to your views


Notice that you also have the folder list right next to the Navigation Bar window. This keeps your files in an organized manner. One last thing under the views topic is the toolbar. If you want the toolbar to look a little different, you can customize it as follows

Views Toolbars Customize

You can select/deselect options and then close the window. You will notice that the toolbar will have a new look with added features