Web Publishing with FrontPage
In order for you to publish content to the internet, you need to do a few things first.
  1. Design a web site with useful information
  2. Set up an account with a web hosting company
  3. Market your product and advertise to increase traffic to your site

We will focus on development tools for your web site.

Most of the earlier work on the web was done using a language called HTML which stands for hyper text markup language. Nowadays you can make web pages without knowing HTML. One of these popular software is Microsoft FrontPage. You can even make web pages using Microsoft Word but it has limited capabilities.
Microsoft FrontPage is the one we will discuss in this section. For Microsoft Word and HTML tutorials, you can study other sections of this web site

Before we get started with FrontPage, I want to talk a little bit about web site design. In order to have a good web site, the design is very important. The web site should be easy to navigate and have the information in logical order. Lets us a look at a basic design for the web site.

This is a four level web site. The top level usually contains the home page. The home page should have limited information and should give the user the choice to navigate to other pages. On this web site, there are three choices, Products, Services and Contact info. If the user selects Services, the next layer of pages is shown. In this case we have two kinds of services Lawn and Pool. If the user selects the Pool services, we can give them a choice for either installation or cleaning. This is just a sample of your web site can be laid out. Sometimes, you may choose to give the users all the information on the home page. But as your web site grows in size, you will need to add more layers to keep the information in order.

Now let us look into Microsoft FrontPage and learn the basics. This is what FrontPage 2000 looks like

File Menu Edit Menu View Menu Insert Menu Format Menu
Tools Menu Table Menu Frames menu Window Menu Help Menu