Why You Should Upgrade to Microsoft Excel 2010

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Why You Should Upgrade to Microsoft Excel 2010

If you are a Microsoft Excel user and have not made the switch to Excel 2010, then what’s keeping you from making the switch? Is it the super-sized toolbar? Its mobility? Perhaps, it is the improved PivotTables? Hmmm… These MS Excel 2010 features and others have much to offer the user. So, if you are undecided as to whether upgrading to Microsoft Excel 2010 is a worthwhile expense, take a few minutes to learn about the top features of Excel 2010.

The Best Features of Microsoft Excel 2010

For frequent Microsoft Excel 2010 users, there are numerous reasons to upgrade from Microsoft Excel 2007. In fact, the many Excel 2010 features have resulted in 2010 Excel being one of the most popular Microsoft applications of recent date. So, without further ado, here are the best 8 features of Microsoft Excel 2010:

  1. Sparklines – This Microsoft Excel 2010 feature helps you visualize the data in a single cell. In addition, Excel 2010’s Sparklines allow one to create small charts within a cell so patterns in data can be found easily and quickly saving you time and money.
  2. The Slicer – Offering a fantastic visualization of PivotTable, Microsoft Excel 2010 allows one to segment and sort information so that an analysis can be made with minimal time and effort. This MS Excel 2010 feature combined with PivotChart, which displays data views, are definitely favorite features of the MS Excel 2010 package.
  3. Screenshots – Does your work require frequent screenshots? Then Microsoft Excel 2010’s improved screenshot tool will soon be your new best friend! With this new screenshot tool, you can show off what your assorted pages look like by going to Insert>Illustrations>Screenshot, where you will then have a choice of commands. You can also use the “screen clipping” option located at the bottom of the available windows.
  4. The ribbon – Introduced in Microsoft Excel 2007, the updated version allows you to create custom tabs and groups, and remove and change the order of the built-in tabs and groups.
  5. Microsoft Office Backstage views – This Microsoft Excel 2010 update found at File>Backstage, lets you create new files, open existing files, save, send, protect, preview print files and set options.
  6. Workbook management tools – While Microsoft Excel 2010 has made an assortment of upgrades, several were created specifically to help you mange, protect and share content. Some of these changes are the ability to recover versions of files that were closed without saving; a Protected View that allows you to make more informed decisions before exposing your PC to potential problems; and, a Trusted Documents feature, which makes opening documents and workbooks with active data safer and with fewer prompts each time you open the item.
  7. New icon sets – Originally introduced in Microsoft Excel 2007, the new Microsoft Excel 2010 gives you more access to icons, more variety and more sets, such as stars, triangles and boxes.
  8. More options for data bars – Microsoft Excel 2010 also allows you to apply solid fills or borders to the data bar, set the direction from right to left or left to right and data bars for negative values to appear on the opposite side of an axis from positive values.

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Getting Started with MS Excel 2010

If you are considering Microsoft Excel 2010, and want a closer look at the features and facets of this great Microsoft upgrade, then check out these places:

So, are you ready to make the switch to Microsoft Excel 2010? Why not take a few minutes to check out? Chances are you will soon be singing its praises.

If you would like more information on Microsoft Excel, please visit our Excel 2010 tutorial page.

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