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SQL Server is a powerful client/server database from Microsoft. SQL Server 2000 builds upon the modern, extensible foundation of SQL Server 7.0, a critical release in Microsoft’s database lineup and one in which much of the SQL Server product was both re-architected and rewritten. In the time since its release, SQL Server 2000 has become the preferred database of many Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other line-of-business application vendors and customers because of its performance, scalability, manageability, programmability and value.

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This DBA video tutorial consists of more than 2 hours of professional instruction by a SQL Server Database Administrator. This video tutorial comes on a 2 CD set in .AVI format that will run on any computer with Windows Media Player or RealNetworks Real Player. Also included in the videos are powerpoint presentations to help you in the learning process. This content is produced by and property of All Rights Reserved

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Here is more detailed information on the individual lessons:

  1. Overview of SQL Server 2000:
  2. We start with a little background about SQL Server 2000 from Microsoft. We cover three important administration tools: Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer and the Profiler. Also discussed in this video segment are different versions of Net libraries used with SQL Server 2000 – (Running time is 18.56 mins)

  3. Installing SQL Server 2000:
  4. In this video, we install SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager on a Windows 2000 Server machine. The minimum hardware requirements are also discussed. During the setup process, the setup wizard will ask you to select many options which are explained in this lesson – (Running time is 21.51 mins)

  5. Creating and Maintaining Databases:
  6. Using Enterprise Manager we create a new database and then create a new table in this database. In addition we discuss t-SQL (Transact SQL) as another option in creating a new database. After the database is creating, one may need to change the options for the database which are explained in this video. We also discuss concepts of RAID which is used for disk optimization and redundancy – (Running time is 22.06 mins)

  7. Data Transfer in SQL Server 2000:
  8. Data is the life blood of any database. As such data transfer is an important topic. In this lesson we discuss DTS (Data Transformation Services), bcp (Bulk Copy Program) utility, and BULK INSERT command. Examples include a Microsoft Access database and a text file (Running time is 17.54 mins)

  9. Backup and Restore a database:
  10. An extremely important topic regarding Database Administration. The types of backups discussed include the following: Full, Differential, Transaction Log and File/File group. Examples include Northwind which is a sample database from Microsoft. (Running times are 9.31 and 11.34 mins)

  11. Security in SQL Server 2000:
  12. In today’s world of hackers and viruses, securing the corporate database is a vital task for any DBA. We discuss the Security architecture in SQL Server. The topics covered in this video include: authentication, authorization, database role, server roles and permissions. (Running time is 18.24 mins)

  13. Performing Administration Tasks:
  14. A significant part of a Database Admin’s job including running database jobs. SQL Server Agent makes these tasks easier by scheduled jobs. Here we create and schedule a job to backing up a database. We also discuss notification services via email from SQL Server. (Running time is 18.55 mins)

  15. Miscellaneous Topics:
  16. In the final video, we talk about topics like SQL Server configuration, ODBC data sources, monitoring user activity, creating a maintenance plan and using a trace in Profiler. – (Running times are 8:37 mins and 13:43 mins)