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Edit Menu lets you manipulate the records. You can copy and paste record data. You can also select and delete one or many record using the menu options.

My favorite in Edit menu is cut and paste. If you want to copy a bunch of lines or an image into your document, the easiest way to do is to use Cut/Copy/Paste feature. This is what you do. Select the portion you want to copy by moving the mouse on it, hold the left button down and move the mouse over the section to be copied. Keeping the mouse cursor on the portion, go to

Edit Cut
Edit Copy

Then select the point where you would like to enter the data and do this

Edit Paste

This will insert all the section in the new location. What the program does is make a copy of the highlighted section and put it on a clipboard. It then removes it from the clipboard and inserts into the new location. The difference between Cut and Copy is that the latter makes a copy of the original without removing it from the source document.

If you want to select one record, you can do so using

Edit Select Record

Bitmap Image
If you want to select all the records, you can do so using

Edit Select All Records

Bitmap Image

Find text:

You can search for text using the Find option. Lets say we want to search for 'Anti-HTN' in field 'gui_option_text'

Edit Find

Bitmap Image