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The insert menu also gives you different options depending if you have a table open or not.

If you have a table open in design view, you will see something like this

Insert Row

This looks like this on your computer

Bitmap Image

If you are looking at the data in data sheet view, then the Insert Menu will have this option

Insert New Record

This will open a new record in the current database table.

If you do not have any tables open, then the Insert Menu will have a generic option

Insert     Table
There are two more insert menu options that I want to discuss here. One is the AutoForm. AutoForm creates a form that displays all fields and records in the underlying table. If the record source select has related tables or queries, the form will also include all the fields and records from those record sources. This is what it looks like when you do AutoForm on global_option_meta2.

Bitmap Image

The other option in Insert Menu is the AutoReport. With AutoReport, you select one record source and either columnar or tabular layout; AutoReport uses all the fields from the record source and applies the last autoformat you used to the report.

If you apply AutoReport to global_option_meta2, you will get something like this

Bitmap Image