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The Format Menu is one of most useful features of Microsoft Power Point. I will try to cover as much as possible about this menu. Before I get started about the menu options, I want to talk a little about the short cuts available on the toolbar for easy formatting.

If you have the Formatting toolbar checked under View Menu, you will see something that looks like this

type        size    style

This is the fastest way to change the appearance of text in your document.

Font  type:

Just click on the drop down list box (type) to change the font type

Font size:

Click on the drop down list box (size) to change the font size

Font style:

If you want to change the text to bold, italic or underline, just select the text and then click on the appropriate option

This lets you make the text bold for more visual effect

This makes the text italic to give it a different appeal

This make the text underline for more stress

You can use a combination of the above formats to give the text more visual effect

You can also change the Font settings by using the Format Menu

Format Font

Bitmap Image

If you have a list of items and you want to use bullets or numbering, you can use this option

Format Bullets and Numbering

Bitmap Image

You can change the color scheme in your slide to a different one by doing the following

Format Slide Color Scheme

Bitmap Image

You can also change the design of your slide by using this feature in Format Menu

Format Apply Design Template

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