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View Outline

This will give you the contents of the slides in the middle and a preview of the slides on the right. It also gives you a few short cut features on the left. If you want to move a line down you click on the arrow point down. Similarly if you want to move a line up, you click on the arrow pointing up. The arrows pointing right and left are used to promote and demote a part of text. It is kind of similar to using the Tab in MS Word.

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If you want to go back to the slide, do this

View Slide

If you are done with creating slides and would like to sort them, here is a nice tool

View Slide Sorter

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Finally if you are done making the slides and want to see the slide show, there are two ways of doing it.

   View Slide Show
   Slides Show View Show

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The slide show will cover the whole screen. You can scroll through the slides by left clicking the mouse. If you want to get back to the design mode, simply right click on the mouse and select End Show.