Making the Most of Microsoft Outlook Office 365

//Making the Most of Microsoft Outlook Office 365
Making the Most of Microsoft Outlook Office 3652020-05-02T15:28:50-05:00

Most of us are reliant on our email. Sure, we use texting, phone calls, and video conferencing but email is still a very crucial part of how business gets done. Thus, it is important that Microsoft Outlook in Office 365 is used to its full extent, so you and your team can be effective and efficient. To do this, you must have the latest version of Microsoft Outlook Office 365. It should also be noted that Office 365 works with any mainstream supported version of Outlook 2016.

Changes and Updates to Microsoft Outlook Office 365

When it comes to email, one can’t dismiss the value of having a program that works well and does all that is needed. Microsoft Outlook Office 365 is designed with the needs of business in mind. While you can get an extensive look at the various updates by clicking on the megaphone “What’s new”, here are some of the most
recent updates and changes to Outlook Office 365.

Free DMARC E-Mail Monitoring

Valimail, located in San Francisco, offers e-mail authentication services for all Microsoft Outlook Office 365 clients at no cost. This ensures that all your communications are coming from an organization’s end users. The program is designed to ward off fraudulent e-mails originating from shadow IT applications and phishing attempts from unsavory entities.

The Valimail program works with Microsoft Outlook Office 365 to ensure that each email message is checked for “domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance (DMARC).” Going a step above and beyond, Valimail’s IT pros work with the Microsoft to help them interpret an assortment of information. This all comes down to one thing – Microsoft Outlook Office 365 is one of the best and most secure programs available.

Custom Signature in Microsoft Outlook Office 365 (GRAPHIC)

Having a custom email signature is great because it gives people a way to file your information, and makes a statement about who you are. To set your Microsoft Outlook Office 365 signature, do the following:

  • Click the settings gear icon.
  •  View all Outlook settings in the bottom right.
  •  Click mail and the Compose and Reply on the left side of the window.
  •  Create your signature.

Create Your Theme in Microsoft Outlook Office 365 (GRAPHIC)

Perhaps this is not a completely new feature, but it is a fun one. Microsoft Outlook Office 365 offers a variety of themes to choose from, as well as a Dark mode. To change your Microsoft Outlook Office 365 theme, Click the Settings gear icon > View all Outlook settings >General > Appearance – Choose a theme > Save.

Focused Inbox in Microsoft Outlook Office 365

The Focused Inbox is designed to sort mail so more important e-missives are given precedence. Other emails are still accessible and can be moved from your Other inbox to the Focused inbox by selecting the email and then Moving it to Inbox.

If you do not need the Focused Inbox feature – or need it temporarily turned off- you can do this by clicking the settings gear icon > View All Outlook Settings; then check or unchecked the Sort Messages into Focused and Other option.

Read Documents while Still in Your Inbox in Microsoft Outlook Office 365

In Microsoft Outlook Office 365 it is unnecessary to leave your email program to read a Word document. Rather, the new Microsoft Outlook Office 365 allows you to view the document adjacent to your email
window. To do so, click on the attached Word file and it will open up alongside your email pane. If you need to make it easier to view/read, click on the Immersive Reader option in the upper right corner.

Calendar Improvements in Microsoft Outlook Office 365 (GRAPHIC)

Having a shared calendar is a must in many offices. It allows teams to schedule meetings without double-booking, makes it easier to plan phone calls, and can help you keep your personal agenda separate from business ones. These updates to the calendar feature in Microsoft Outlook Office 365 can be set up as follows:

  •  Select File>Account Settings >Account Settings
  •  Select Change>More Settings
  •  Select Turn on Shared Calendar Improvements>Ok

Upon seeing the message “You must restart Outlook for the changes to take place” select “OK” and you will be set up.

Microsoft Outlook Office 365

Depending on your role within a shared calendar in Microsoft Outlook Office 365, you can also edit shared Microsoft Outlook Office 365 calendar events. To make changes to a series of events, for example, do this:

  •  Choose the event
  •  Click “The Entire Series” >OK
  •  Select Edit Recurrence and make the desired changes

To extend the series of events or end them – Past meeting information will not be changed in Microsoft Outlook Office 365; however, if you change specific appointments in a series then changes will cancel out and then the appointments will match the series like before.

Changing the attendees – The new Microsoft Outlook Office 365 makes it easy to change attendees. Rather than sending a new email, the Microsoft Outlook Office 365 program is designed to sort through the information included in the meeting notes and figure who needs to be emailed about changes.

  • Then select Send Update.

Responding as a Recipient in Microsoft Outlook Office 365

If you receive an invitation via Microsoft Outlook Office 365 you can take the following actions:

1. Opt not to send a response by selecting Accept> Do Not Send a Response
2. Change your mind after declining – If you change your mind after declining an invite then choose to confirm then first ask the Sender to send the invite again. Then, select Deleted items>New Email >
send the organizer and email.
3. Respond to an email that has attachments – Select Accept for the invitation or choose Respond > Forward to forward an invitation. However, you cannot add any new attachments.

The Microsoft Outlook Office 365 has many welcomed updates and changes making it a great addition to the Microsoft 365 family. If you still have questions, be sure to check out the links below or contact one of our team members.

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