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Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Tutorial

Microsoft Power Point is indeed  one of the most widely used applications worldwide.  It helps create presentations in a simple and visually appealing way. From ordinary users to office workers everybody feels comfortable while working with MS PowerPoint to present their data and statistics for their audience and in a simple and meaningful way.

According to BBC Radio this wonderful presentation software is  installed on more than a billion computers worldwide and that there may be up to a staggering 30 million PowerPoint presentations created every day. 

Initially, Microsoft Power Point was made for professionals to accomplish their official and business related tasks, however, soon it attracted the attention of everybody and now it is used even by school going children to prepare their assignments in a presentable way. The software first came into use in 1984 and since then not only many improvements have been made but a lot more new features have been added to it. 

After Microsoft Office Power Point 2016,  which is a traditional installable version, Microsoft introduced Office 365 which is an online subscription based version. Many new functions have been added to Office 365. The Microsoft Power Point version 2019 in fact brings together all the functions and latest improvements that we find in PowerPoint 2016 and Office 365 both. Below are some of the new functions and improvements that we find in the new version.

Text Highlighter

If you have used Microsoft Word then you would be certainly familiar with this tool, the same way it has been added to the Power Point 2019 version. This tool allows you to change the color of choice to highlight the importance of a text on your slides. This tool can be found under the Home Tab.

screenshot Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 text highlighter option

Remove Image Background Option

Removing an image background is a time taking task and considerable expertise to accurately cut out the image from its background. The auto detect feature in MS PowerPoint 2019 removes this hassle and now there is no need to draw paths around the shape as we used to do Adobe Photoshop to get the background removed. Microsoft Power Point 2019 now provides the tool that automatically analyzes the colors to differentiate between the subject and background in an image. A bounding rectangle is created around what the software believes to be the subject of the picture. This tool generally gives good results when it does its job automatically, however, we can manually adjust the parts of the image that we either want to keep or remove by selecting advance options of the image editing tool.

screenshot Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 remove background option

Morph Transition Effect

Transitions are one of the great features in PowerPoint that help create an exciting impression when we move from one scene/slide to another while presenting our slideshow or video. There are many transition effects in PowerPoint already like: Shape , Random Bars, Reveal, Split and so on. Morph transition effect is one great addition in version 2019 of Power Point that allows you to animate a smooth movement from one slide to the next. To find Morph, go to the Transition tab and you will find it placed next to Normal effect. 

Zoom Animation Effect

Alongside transitions, there are great animation effects in PowerPoint 2019 to add value and meaning to your presentation through motion. With the new Zoom animation effect you can now emphasize your presentations, slideshow and videos in a professional way.

3D Models and SVGs

Like MS Word 2019 and MS Excel 2019, you can insert 3D models either from a file or from online resources. Remix 3D is a large online library from which you can search and choose. You can even manipulate the images in many ways after you insert them to your slide. You can resize, rotate, tilt them in any direction and can apply transitions and animation effects as required.  

Likewise when adding Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) in PowerPoint 2019 you have freedom to change their colors, edit textures and add different effects like grow, reflection and shadows. SVG images have an option to convert them into shapes and edit different parts independently. 

screenshot Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 3d models

Mac Users and Online Videos

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 allows Mac users to enrich their presentation by adding online videos from YouTube or Vimeo. This way they can do so easily without leaving their presentations. Here are the steps to follow:

  • When you find a video of your choice (either from YouTube or Vimeo), right under the video frame click on two options to copy the correct embed code. First click on ‘Share’ and then click on ‘Embed’. Keep in mind if you fail to click on ‘Embed’ you will be copying the wrong code. 
  • Once you copy the embed code , go to your power presentation and click the slide where you plan to show the online video. (Remember the iFrame embed code that you copied must not begin with “https”.)
  • Then click on the insert tab and go to the “Video” option in the right hand corner of the top bar and click “Online Video”. 
  • Paste the embed code that you have already copied in the “From a Video Embed Code box” and then click the arrow to complete the process.
  • A video rectangle will appear, you can move and resize it before you preview the video. 

High Quality Videos

In MS PowerPoint 2019 once you have saved your presentation in PowerPoint presentation format e.g. ppt, you can then create a video file out of it by following the path :

Click File > Export > Create a Video.

screenshot Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 export video feature

Video  creation option was there in PowerPoint 2016, however, inside MS PowerPoint 2019 version you can export your video file as of high quality (4K or Ultra High Definition (HD) that does not lose quality when you display your video on large screens. However, keep in mind that the Ultra HD (4K)  option is available only when you are on Windows 10.


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