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Welcome to our website LearningComputer.com. We provide Information Technology training and distance learning.

We have FREE computer training on products like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft Excel 2013, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Internet Explorer, Java, SQL Server 2012, eBay, Windows XP and many more topics on IT training and computer learning.

We have also partnered up with some of the leading companies who provide online computer training. These include Office 2013 training, PHP with MySQL, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Dreamweaver CS5 among other computer tutorials. In addition, our company Kash Data Consulting LLC offers video training on Office 2007, Windows XP, SQL Server 2008, eBay Training and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) areas.

“The Tutorial videos are truly informative, in a clear language that is easily understandable even to us non-english native speakers. Excellent value for money!”
Magnus - Stockholm, Sweden
“The SQL Tutorials and SQL scripts told me exactly what I needed to know and helped me get the job done. Did not spend days online reading about it, followed along and just did it! Awesome training!!”
Zack - New York