Microsoft Office 365 Word: What You Need to Know

//Microsoft Office 365 Word: What You Need to Know
Microsoft Office 365 Word: What You Need to Know2020-04-26T14:44:14-05:00


You are only as good as the tools you use. So, when it comes to having computer programs to make your job(s) easier to accomplish, then tools like Microsoft Office 365 Word is a must. Sure, other to can help you get your tasks done, but one of the most comprehensive tools is Word 365.

Part of the MS Office 365 suite, this latest iteration of MS Word 365 is making tasks significantly easier. And, what’s not to love about that!

Advantages of Using Office 365

Before getting into what makes Office 365 Word so ideal, let’s first take a minute to expound on why Office 365 is such a great choice. Consider these advantages:

  • Microsoft Office 365 lets you work from anywhere.
  •  Office 365 license allows for customization based on your personal needs. Plus, everyone will have the same tools for creating projects. Each person will have a subscription to MS 365, which can be crafted to suit your company’s needs.
  •  Less risk of a security breach. We all know the damage a security breach can cause, and while it is impossible to be 100% secure, Office 365 has taken numerous steps to keep cyber risks exceptionally low.
  •  Back up with ease. Like the threat of cyber leaks, not having things backed up correctly or often, is a serious problem. Because each Microsoft Office 365 user has 1 TB of online storage, content can be shared between devices and the cloud so nothing is gone.
  •  With MS Office 365 sharing information between your phone, calendar, email, and contact list is easy.

What Sets Office 365 Word Apart?

It would be easy to assume there’s no reason to choose to use Office 365 Word. After all, isn’t one writing program the same as the next? Simply put- Absolutely not. There have even been competitions to find out what is best – MS Word 365, Office 2019 or Office 2016. Spoiler alert, Microsoft Office 365 won. But what makes Office 365 Word so great? Check out these Office 365 features.

Accessibility Checker Tool

This new feature of Word 365 is used to convert files to a more modern format that is easily accessed by multiple parties – no matter the age of their device. The Accessibility Checker Tool can be found in the Review Bar. To ensure the tool will work as you need it to, it is recommended you run the Accessibility Checker tool first, then use it to create accessibility tags by using the options in the Save as PDF feature.

Rewrite: Say it Another Way

Most of us will never be the next Steinbeck or Stephen King. However, in nearly any office situation there comes a time when we have to write a document. If you are not confident in your writing skills and want to find a better way to say something you have written, then MS Office 365 Rewrite is for you. Here’s how to
make writing easier:

  • Select the phrases you wish to change.
  •  Right-click and choose Rewrite (Preview).
  •  A pane will appear showing your text, along with a few rewrite options.
  •  If you like a suggestion, click on it and it will change your sentence accordingly.

Combine it with the Office 365 Read Aloud feature to hear how the sentence will sound, and you have taken your writing to the next level.

Mobile Device Friendly

We don’t just work at our computers. And MS Office 365 now allows you to respond to a post immediately –even if the original was on your laptop and you are now on your tablet. You don’t even have to open up the document, as it will be shown to you via an email. A big win for Microsoft Office 365 users!

Improve Your Writing

Word will identify misspelled words and grammatical errors, but what about the ease of reading specific content? While MS Word 2016 offered an Accessibility Check to help with your writing, MS Office 365 has the Readability Statistics feature. If you want to see where your writing measures up then do this:

  •  Turn it on by going to File> Options> Proofing.
  •  Select Spelling and grammar then Show
  •  From that point onward, when you click to run a spellcheck, it will also let you know the readability stats.

Real-time Co-Authoring

Do you often collaborate on a written project? Then this feature is  for you. Office 365 lets your team see changes made to documents in real-time. Simply share the file to OneDrive or SharePoint and everyone can easily make edits. And, thanks to Office 2016, when those changes are made everyone in the team can see who made the change(s) and when. The tool also makes it possible to go back to an earlier version of the project.

Lorem Ipsum

If you are in the process of creating a new website or document and need to insert Lorem Ipsum as a placeholder, then Office 365 makes it easy. Simply type =lorem (p, l). The “P” should be the number of
paragraphs of lorem ipsum you need, and the “L” should be the number of sentences.


We expect there to be a calculator for Excel, but now you can add one to an MS Word 365 document.

To add a calculator, first make it a part of the Office 365 Word menu. Do this by clicking File>Options>>Quick Access Toolbar>All Commands. Find the Calculate and select Add to make it a part of the Quick Access Toolbar. Next, click OK to return to your document. A grey dot will now be on your toolbar, indicating the calculator. Now, you are ready to make those calculations!

There are many other great features and apps available for Word 365. Take time to check them out. You will be amazed at how great Office 365 Word is!

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