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Microsoft Office 2013

Welcome to Learning Computer MS Office 2013 video training library page. We have developed computer training videos designed to quickly and efficiently embrace the new features of MS Office 2013. Our goal is to provide you and/or your organization video tutorials that are affordable – meeting your budget requirement, and accessable to schedule and review at any time. Our objective is to give users a clear and concise view of the new features, enabling them to quickly grasp the information.

Below are the details of the FREE training video clips our company, Kash Data Consulting LLC offers on:

  • MS Word 2013
  • MS Excel 2013
  • MS Access 2013
  • MS PowerPoint 2013

What’s New in MS Word 2013

The new features in MS Word 2013 engages the user to create integrated documents. Explore the following and the Microsoft Word 2013 Tutorial:

  • Sleek and modern looking new interface
  • Ability to work in the Microsoft Cloud Apps/Store solution, SkyDrive
  • Capability to edit PDF (Acrobat Reader) files within MS Word 2013
  • Feature to insert online pictures and YouTube videos
  • Ease of formatting pictures with text


What’s New in MS PowerPoint 2013

Imagine creating a multi-media presentation with easily modified pictures going viral on the internet. Look at what these new MS PowerPoint 2013 features can do:

  • Insert YouTube videos, Online Pictures and Audio files
  • Convert your presentation into a video to share with anyone in the world
  • Share your presentation online with remote and non-Office users
  • Modify the background and change the colors within your pictures


What’s New in MS Access 2013

When you are looking for an easy to setup database to track client, product, sales or marketing data, MS Access 2013 will most likely give you a great solution. Checkout what’s new:

  • Sleek and modern looking new interface
  • The ability to work in Microsoft Cloud Apps/Storage, SkyDrive
  • Better integration with Office 365 and SharePoint

Also, find out what features are no longer there!

MS Excel 2013 – Conditional Formatting

You need to apply specific formatting to cells depending on the value of the cell and/or the formula. Watch how you can change the font type, color, size or even the background color with conditional formatting in MS Excel 2013:

  • Quickly analyze massive amounts of data
  • Select from a variety of charts to get visual data representation
  • Obtain information for a weekly sales report


How to Do Math and Formulas in MS Excel 2013

Simplifying math calculations by creating formulas is what MS Excel 2013 was created to do. See in this tutorial how you can save time and increase efficiency with:

  • Basic math expressions
  • Adding and subtracting values with Cell Math
  • Create formulas and functions to sum, count and get averages


Learn more useful tips in the Microsoft Excel 2013 Tutorial

How to Freeze Panes and Lock Rows in MS Excel 2013

You are deligently working in your excel spreadsheet. You discover you that the data set is larger than you anticipated, hindering you from having a good view to compare information. Locking certain rows and freezing particular panes will keep designated columns and rows visible as you scroll the columns and rows of data in MS Excel 2013.

How to Use Find and Replace in MS Word 2013

You have been working on document, and learned that there are certain words and phrases to need to change, and replace. This can be done with these two commands in MS Excel 2013:

  • Find (Ctrl + F)
  • Replace (Ctrl + H)

Get some tips on how to do this using the Match Case and Wild Card options in MS Word 2013.

How to Create a New Database in MS Access 2013

You have a set of related data you need to get into a stored table format. There are several on the market, but you remember you can create a database that will fit your immediate needs with MS Access 2013.

Tour this video, and learn how to:

  • Create a customer table
  • Create an order table
  • Join multiple tables

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Microsoft Office Tutorials

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