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 Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial

If you are looking for the perfect tool to create custom graphics, then PowerPoint 2016 for Windows is everything you can ask for. And, with the latest updates it offers even more ways to boost your graphics to a whole new level. From the ease of editing to Morph transitions, there are so many ways to use PowerPoint 2016 you will wonder what has held you back in the past.

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Tabs and Ribbon Colors
Just in case you get tired of the basic appearance of PowerPoint 2016, you can now change the color schemes. Choices include colorful, dark gray, black or white. To access go to: File > Account, then click the drop down menu next to Office Theme and select the theme you prefer.

Real Time Editing and Collaboration
Keep up with changes on a document or design as it is being made. The real time collaboration feature means that you see each keystroke as it happens and will know what each member of the team is contributing.

Ink Drawings and Objects

powerpoint 2016 tutorial ink drawings objects

Using the segment eraser, you can have better precision when you need to clean up an ink drawing, especially as you can erase back as far as to the point where a line intersects. With multiple sizes available for erasing, you can easily create the perfect project. Even better, there is now the option to switch between the inking mode and the selection mode without needing to tap the selection tool on the Ribbon. Rather, just use the pen to select an ink object. (image from http://support.office.com)

Ink Equations
This feature allows you to manually write on the pop up drawing board using a stylus, mouse or even your fingertips and then have it converted to text. The tool features additional options such as write, erase, select, correct and clear. It is accessed from the ribbon as follows: Insert > Equation and then choosing one from the Library (list) or select Insert > Equation > Ink Equation, then choosing which tool you wish to write with.

Process Oriented Text

powerpoint 2016 tutorial process oriented text

Need a graphic to better illustrate a process? The process oriented text will take a bulleted process list from a slide and turn it into a colorful SmartArt graphic that makes it easier to understand.
(image from http://core0.staticworld.net/)

Morph Transition

powerpoint 2016 tutorial morph transitions

The difference between a slideshow that holds the viewer’s attention and one that encourages a snooze fest is the quality of the slides. Make your presentations more exciting with the new Morph Transition feature that cause objects to appear animated as they fade in and out of the frame. The catch, the slides must have at least one or more objects in common. The process is easily used by creating all the objects on the first slide, then duplicating that slide as many times as needed. You will then move the objects around, perhaps delete some, or rearrange their order so that the objects appear to dance around the screen. (image from http://core0.staticworld.net/)

Quick Shape Formats

Does your slide presentation not work well with the Morph transition? Then check out the Quick Shape formats. By using Quick Shape Formats you can create new styles and shapes that can take your presentation from bland to beautiful. PowerPoint has provided preset styles that can be added with ease. If you need a custom look, then you can use a color palette and find one that will work. Simply draw a shape > select Quick Styles > choose a preset from the menu. Whenever a shape is selected, the Format/Drawing tools will be shown automatically when the Drawing group is open.

New Chart Types
Designed to be compatible with other programs in the Microsoft family, PowerPoint now has five new chart types if 2016: Treemap, Sunburst, Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Waterfall.

Design Ideas

powerpoint 2016 tutorial design ideas

Are you looking for ideas to take your presentation to the next level? Then check out the Design Ideas feature. This will take each slide of your project and give you ways to add interest or make it more engaging. As you add slides, the Design Ideas panel will open and show you an assortment of layout ideas that could be used. If none of the ideas appeal, simply continue with your own plans. (image from http://core0.staticworld.net/)

Tell Me Box
One of the newest features for PowerPoint 2016 is the “Tell me what you want to do…” statement located in the top right hand corner of the Ribbon. This is a great timesaver as it allows you to state a query in the box, and the word-wheeling aspect will start looking for results as you type, so you can click on the answer quickly. In addition to your current results, you will also see the last five commands you ran from the Tell Me box, which will save time in getting to the feature you need to use.


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