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Learn about the Review Tab in Microsoft Office Word 2007

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In Microsoft Word 2007, the Review Tab is useful in a lot of ways. You can have the Spelling and Grammar feature, the Research option, Thesaurus and Translation functionality to help you improve your documents.  Here is what the Review Tab looks like.

Review Tab in microsoft
Under the Proofing group, you can use find the Spelling and Grammar feature. You can easily check the spellings, punctuation errors and grammar using this tool.

Here is the screen shot.

How the spelling and grammar feature looks in microsoft
The first thing we are going to try is to check the spelling and grammar of a document.  Go ahead and select the insertion point and click on spelling and grammar on the Proofing group on the Review Tab.  This will start the Spelling and Grammar dialog box as shown below.  Notice that it found an incorrectly spelled word, procedur. You can either click on Change if you would like to accept the suggestion made by Microsoft Word.  Otherwise you can ignore it if you think the word is OK as it is.

Word review tab
Next we are going to try is the Research command on the word authentication as shown in the figure below.  Select the word authentication and click on Research icon, this will launch the Dictionary feature as shown in the right side of the screen shot.  It was able to find the word with the correct pronunciation and also the meaning for you to review.  Very cool indeed!

Research command in Word
Another related feature is the Thesaurus in Microsoft Word 2007. This amazing feature helps you find synonyms and also antonyms of any specific word.  In our example it found a list of synonyms for authentication as shown on the right side in the figure below.  I’m going to select certification and select insert.  This helps if you are like me and use the same words over and over again.

Thesaurus in Microsoft Word 2007

In the next figure I have highlighted the Word Count feature.  This lets you find the number of characters, paragraphs and lines in the document.  This is a pretty useful feature if you are working on a term research paper where you have to stay within a certain number of words or pages.

If you are collaborating on a document with other team members or on a project report, the Comments feature in the Review tab in Microsoft Word 2007 can be a true lifesaver. In the following screen shot, I have added a comment that is shown in red.  Notice that it used my initials and a number right before the actual comment.  As the other team members and comments, the application will use different colors. This helps to keep all the comments organized from different authors.

Comments feature in MS word 2007
Moving onto the next group section which is the Track changes group. We can easily manage additions, deletion, any comments and formatting changes in an efficient manner using this feature.  You can find the Track Changes command under Tracking group in the Review Tab in Microsoft Word 2007.

Track changes group MS 2007

Let us look at an example of this feature using a Course Syllabus sample.  After the initial review, the changes are highlighted as shown below.  The additions are in red and underlined, the deletions are in red and using a strike through.

Furthermore notice that there is a vertical bar next to all the changes.

Highlighted changes example MS 2007
If you prefer seeing all the changes in Balloons, you can do this by selecting Show only Comments and Formatting in Balloons command.  This will clean the document up and move the comments and changes to the right side in the markup area.

The next two screen shots display the functionality of this feature.

Ballons option in Word 2007

Functionality of the Balloons feature
If you would like to see all the changes in one place, you can use the Reviewing Pane command.  In the image below, I have selected the Reviewing pane under the Tracking Group. Notice all the revisions are summarized on the left side of the document and broken down into insertions, deletions, etc. by the author and into different sections, very cool!

Review pane command Word 2007
After all the changes have been reviewed and checked, we are ready to accept all the revisions.  We can do just that by selecting Accept all Changes in Document under the Accept command in the Changes group under the Review tab in Microsoft Word 2007.  This will go ahead and update the document then finalize all the revisions and changes.

Accept all revisions in Word
As you can see the Review tab in Microsoft Word 2007 has a lot to offer us. OK at times, it is necessary to review different versions off the same document especially if there are several people working on it at the same time.  In Microsoft Word 2007, this is just a breeze.  You can also use the Compare feature to combine multiple versions of the same document.

Review tab in Microsoft 2007
Let us go ahead and see how this can be achieved. I’m going to compare two Course Syllabi that I have been working on for a class that I am teaching.  I select the Compare command which launches a dialog box as shown below.  I select the original document in the left side and the revised document on the right side and hit OK.

Compare command MS word
This will launch the wizard that will compare the two versions.  Not only will it show all the differences between the two versions, but also display a summary on the left side as shown below and the screen shot.

Launching the wizard in MS 2007
The last thing I would like to show you is how to protect a document from editing.  This option will restrict others from making certain types of editing or formatting changes to the document. You can select the Protect Document option under the Protect group.

Here is the command shown on the ribbon in Microsoft Word 2007.

Protect a document from editing using Word 2007
This will launch the Restrict Formatting and Editing dialog box as shown below. I will select the editing restrictions option that is number two and then click on us start forcing protection.

Rerstrict formating dialog box MS Word
In the start enforcing production, I will select password, enter my password and click OK.  There you go, now your document is protected by this password.

Protect you document in word 2007
Next time someone tries to open this document and make changes, they will be prompted by this friendly on perfect document dialog box, pretty cool.

A screen shot is as follows.

Dialog box protection MS Word
This concludes the lesson on Review Tab in Microsoft Word 2007.

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please visit Microsoft’s Word 2007 training courses and tutorials

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