9 Top Free Graphics Design Tools to learn in 2022

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9 Top Free Graphics Design Tools to learn in 2022


The visual outlook of your presentation or a website is the first thing people see. It takes a fraction of a second for users to form a primary impression of any website. Therefore, aesthetically impressive web pages draw more visitors to a site. An open-source graphic design program helps us customize the visual outlook of a website; without any cost. Hence, we have stockpiled a list of top free design tools for graphics tuning.


1.      Blender

Graphic Design Tool: Blender

It is a free, cross-platform graphics suite to create simple graphics to complex animations. It provides the best 3D CG creation tools with open-source access to the market. Moreover, it also supports 2D animation, motion tracking, and rendering. Due to its popularity, the blender has a large number of users. Similarly, it runs on platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac.


2.      Canva

Graphic Design Tool: Canva

It is another popular design tool – containing thousands of free professional images, templates, and quality content. Moreover, you can collaborate with other people to get approvals, manage brand assets, leave comments, and scale your visual content. Similarly, Canva is easy to use as it supports drag and drop functionality and high-quality templates.


3.      Inkscape

Graphic Design Tool: Inkscape

It is another open-source and cross-platform software that provides features; like object creation, manipulation, rendering, path operations, textual support, and file formatting. The Inkscape uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as a primary format. Hence, you can create projects of any complexity using vector graphics. Similarly, it provides effects and tools like node editing, path manipulation, path-based text, and bitmap tracing. It supports platforms like Linux, Mac, and Windows.


4.      GIMP

Graphic Design Tool: GIMP

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is open-source software for image authoring, image composition, and photo retouching. Similarly, it supports all file formats and the creation of new designs. GIMP has an editable interface for designers.


5.      Krita

Graphic Design Tool: Krita

It is another free graphic design software for concept artists and illustrators. Krita contains ready-to-use templates and consists of a large community of designers. Therefore, for enterprises, it is a great marketing tool with a comprehensive tool-set and resources. Moreover, it also supports vector graphics. The program runs on Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows.


6.      Visme

Graphic Design Tool: Visme

It is an online tool for visual content creation and branding such as slideshows, storyboards, Ads, and charts. Similarly, it contains an extensive library of aesthetic resources to handle multiple tasks. Moreover, we can create animations, short videos, or transitions. Visme also supports collaborative teams to work on the same file.


7.      Pixlr

Graphic Design Tool: Pixlr


It is a free editing tool that allows us to modify images with 100+ borders, effects, and overlays. Pixlr is also available on platforms like Android and iOS. Similarly, it also supports vector graphics and contains AI-powered libraries for enhanced graphics experience. Moreover, it can open multiple image formats.


8.      PicMonkey

Graphic Design Tool: PicMonkey

It is another free-use tool to handle images and graphics. Likewise, it provides free templates for enterprise branding, Ads, printables, and social media. Moreover, PicMonkey features background removal, resizing, drawing, and animation. The ownership of this company currently belongs to Shutter-stock.


9.      Paint 3D

Graphic Design Tool: Paint3D


The traditional Microsoft design program is completely free and easy to use. It comes with 2D object creation, 3D effects, animations, transitions, and realistic touches. Similarly, it also contains stickers, background removal (magic tool), and different color palettes. Therefore, Paint3D is great for beginners. The tool works on the Windows platform smoothly.


Choosing the correct Graphic Design Tool

The majority of tools on our list are available on many platforms like Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. Therefore, you can select any operating system to get started. There is no difference in their functionality w.r.t platform. Moreover, the premium tools require you to pay money but starting with open source programs will make your journey easier.


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The article was written and optimized by Omar Azhar. He’s an SEO Blog writer and a web developer. Refer to LinkedIn profile for more details.