Microsoft Power Point Is More than a Presentation Software

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Microsoft Power Point Is More than a Presentation Software

Microsoft Power Point (PPT) is not an ordinary software to run slide show presentations in classrooms and office environment. It is a powerful tool to create professional looking animated videos that serve marketing, training and educational purposes.

Obviously, an animated video is a different thing than a presentation where you can move text and graphics after applying different animation styles.

To videos created inside Power Point, you may add music and background narration or both to enhance the value of your work. You may record your own voice-over if you have related equipment like microphone, speakers and sound card.


 Create Videos with PPT

Apart from this, there is another important video making ingredient called ‘transitions’; it is a kind of animation between slides. All these PPT features help catch readers’ attention in an effective way.

What types of videos can we create using Power Point?

It all depends on your commitment that how far you are willing to go to learn this wonderful app. Second, it depends what you want to achieve through Power Point video creating features.

Anyhow, here I have listed, for your convenience, popular video types that you can easily create using this Microsoft product.

  1. Sales videos to promote your product or services
  2. Training and coaching videos for staff and students
  3. Infographic based videos that help present complex and boring data in a digestible manner
  4. Photo Albums of family events like weddings and birthday occasions
  5. Digital Portfolios
  6. Digital Resumes
  7. Trade Show Demos and much more.

In short, Power Point features help create great animated content with the right mix of data, text, images and graphics.

Power Point is basically for Windows users and does not work well with Mac operating system. For Mac users there is an alternate called Keynote. Comparing the two, PPT is user friendly and is in use for a long time, plus its has the full backing of Microsoft Word and Excel making it the first choice of beginners thinking to create presentations and videos without emptying their pockets.

It can be used as desktop as well as in online versions; another great feature of PPT is that there are a host of adds-in available to save time and increase productivity.

What is more, Power Point does not limit you to create presentations and videos, it has much more to offer. Inside it, you can create interactive quizzes, draw images, make web design/html files, infographics and create PDF books.

In short, it can handle creating almost any kind of e-content. With every passing day, more and more PPT templates are available for different types of content and this has made the job of ordinary user super easy.

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