Can WordPress be made to look like a website?

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Can WordPress be made to look like a website?

I guess that you have installed WordPress on your computer and now you plan it to use it to create a small website for your business. Right? How can you do it? Well, the foremost step is to give your website a basic, landing page. For business website, I prefer to keep this page as static and not dynamic. The landing page is actually your home page and it has to create an impression, to say the least. You can easily configure the settings of the homepage from your WordPress CMS.

People when they hear of WordPress sites, normally thinks of blogs and dynamic content but I guess for a business website, a client would love to see static content. You can easily make a new page in WordPress CMS and then you can set it as your home page. Remember, you can still keep a separate page for blog posts and bloggers. Now, I will give you a simple tutorial on creating a home page for a small business site.

You should type in your browser,

This will lead you to the WordPress screen where you have to enter your WordPress ID and password. After logging in as a WordPress Admin, create two different WordPress pages. Pretty simple!

Just go to Pages and then click Add New. You can name the page ‘Home’ and publish it. You can turn off the comments and ping option (so the page is not linked for now) from the bottom of the page.

Now, similarly, add another page and name it as ‘Blog’ and publish it. Click ‘settings’ and then ‘reading’ in the WordPress Admin Panel. Here, set ‘front page displays’ to home and ‘post pages’ field to Blog.

What do you expect the end result to be? Save all these settings and the type and see the home page that you created to be the main page of the WordPress Blog. WordPress provides you with lots of option, so that you can change it any manner you like. The other tab would be the page for your Blog posts. If you like, you can delete it as well.

Learn playing with tweaking templates and you can give your own customized touch of elegance to your site! I leave the template tweaking part as an exercise for you. For that, you can have some basics of HTML and CSS from w3schools website. For more useful information please visit

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