7 Best Websites for Remote Work You Need to Know in 2022

//7 Best Websites for Remote Work You Need to Know in 2022

7 Best Websites for Remote Work You Need to Know in 2022


Nowadays, the trend of remote working is surging at a fast pace. Since the Pandemic, many firms are now online. Meanwhile, remote work gives you the freedom and comfort of your home. Thus, creating a healthy balance between life and work. Working from home increases the productivity and task efficiency of an employee. The freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and people per hour are also great. However, they are not ideal for full-time or part-time remote jobs. Fortunately, we have stockpiled a list of the best remote-work websites for you to get started.

9 Tech Sites you need to know

Working Remotely

1. FlexJobs


It is a great site to look for remote part-time or full-time jobs. On the website, there are no ads or scams. Similarly, the platform offers to build a professional resume. Moreover, they have a list of 29000+ careers from 5,000+ enterprises. The site was created in 2007 as a professional job searching portal. Flexjob is beneficial for people who like to work from home, i.e., spouses, parents, freelancers, any person with health issues, or those living in rural or suburban areas. However, you will need to pay for membership $24 per month.

2. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely

It is another platform for remote job seekers. The site is easy to manage and navigate, having an option to display categories. Similarly, it is one of the most visited sites today. Moreover, the options include but are not limited to Customer support, programming, marketing, business management, system administration, and design. Stimulatingly, design, and programming are the most popular having new positions to fill every day. Furthermore, employers need to pay $299 to post a job advertisement for 30 days. Check out their website for further information.

3.  Indeed

Indeed Jobs

It is another famous job search platform. Similarly, it is the quickest remote jobs portal available online. The platform gathers data from all over the internet to present unique remote; opportunities and jobs. Moreover, jobs are divided; into different categories like salary, location, experience, etc. Indeed also brings location-specific jobs. Meanwhile, the vast diversity of industries outfitted by Indeed includes publishing, education, arts, engineering, entertainment, and real estate – to name a few.

4. Glass-Door

GlassDoor Jobs

It is another website for job hunting. It pulls the information from the internet and brings it back to the job seeker. Similarly, type remote in search, and you’ll get a list of all available opportunities. It brings the jobs into categories according to their type and location. Therefore, it is suggested that job seekers visit the site and explore it.

5. Outsourcely

Jobs Search OutSourcely

Outsourcely provides remote opportunities as full-time jobs. After registration, you’ll be presenting your profile to other companies that are looking for long-term contracts. Similarly, the categories include writing, design, marketing, administrative support, web development, and customer service. Moreover, their instant messaging feature lets you communicate in real-time. It also offers a direct video calling option between employer and worker. Check out their website for more details.

6. Remotive

Remotive jobs

It provides a vast variety of services, including marketing. Similarly, you can see the job posting date and its location. The members of this platform are called remotivers. Interestingly, they work as a community sharing remote jobs. Moreover, it is free to join and promotes newsletters and interviews.

7. Turing


It is another open-source and free-of-cost platform to apply for remote work. However, it only has a single category for software developers. Moreover, the platform is based on AI to match the most pertinent workers to their roles. Initially, you are going to create your profile. Afterward, you will take the tests and interviews; and then receive job offers. Visit their official site to learn more.

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The article was written and optimized by Omar Azhar. He’s an SEO Blog writer and a web developer. Refer to LinkedIn profile for more details.